Lorenzo Snow, Jun 1, 1896

-- Jun 1, 1896
The First Presidency were at their office, and received a visit from Elder Lewis W. Shurtliff of Weber [Utah] Stake. He represented that a new Ward would soon be organized of settlers on land brought under cultivation by a canal made by the Pioneer Power Company, and he recommended William L. Stewart of Plain City as a suitable man for Bishop of the Ward. It was decided to call brother Stewart to this position. On his recommendation also, the Presidency resolved that William S. Lewis of Ogden [Utah], and Peter Later, who had been cut off the Church, should be permitted to be baptized.

$200 was appropriated towards building a new meeting house for the St. John's Ward, Malad [Idaho/Utah] Stake, the amount of tithing there for the present year.

The use of the Tabernacle was granted for the evening of July 2, to give a concert under the control of the Presiding Bishopric, for the benefit of the Mid-summer carnival, the Tabernacle Choir, under brother Evan Stephens, to receive one fourth of the proceeds in payment for their services. [June 4, 1896; Journal History; Franklin D. Richards, Diary; Brigham Young Jr., Diary; Marriner Wood Merrill, Diary]

The First Presidency and Apostles met at 11 A.M. in the Temple. Present: Presidents [Wilford] Woodruff, [Geoerge Q.] Cannon, [Joseph F.] Smith and [Lorenzo] Snow; Elders F[ranklin]. D. Richards, B[righam]. Young [Jr.], F[rancis]. M. Lyman, J[ohn]. H[enry]. Smith, G[eorge]. Teasdale, H[eber]. J. Grant, M[arriner]. W[ood]. Merrill, J[ohn]. W. Taylor and A[braham]. H. Cannon.

Elder Moses Thatcher was expected to attend the meeting of the Apostles in the Annex at 3 P.M., but word was brought that his health had again become so impaired that he would be unable to attend.

The financial condition of Elder B. H. Roberts was considered, and also the propriety of his taking a mission to preach the Gospel. It was decided that the First Presidency should interview Brother Roberts with a view to his taking a mission to the Eastern States, accompanied by some male members of the Tabernacle Choir as singers. On motion of President Snow it was agreed that Elder Roberts should be permitted to draw in equitable tithes for the support of his family, not to exceed $2,000.

The subject of the improvement of the "Deseret News" was presented, and the necessity of the Church circulating the printed word, also the necessity of a strong Church paper as a guide to the small country papers which were numerous and needed a criterion. Attention was directed to an advertisement in "Bikuben" for the sale of Temple clothing, and President Snow was requested to see that the matter was investigated, and that the sale of female Temple clothing should be in the hands of the Relief Societies. ...

Apostle M[oses]. Thatcher had expressed his intention to meet with the 12 today but J[ohn] H[enry] Smith stated he had met with a very terrible relapse yesterday and is confined to his bed today—that his Dr. Meacham says he has no hope of his recovery unless he will go to the Hospital for treatment. Voted that $2,000 a year be allowed Pres[iden]t B H Roberts for his family that he may go on a mission to the Eastern States, possibly the sweet singer Easton will go with him. Pres[idency]. & 12 met in Temple. Word was bro[ugh]t that Bro[ther] M[oses]. Thatcher had suffered a relaps[e] worse than ever before. He was to meet us at 3 p.m. in the annex when we would have had a plain invitation to his rebellion against the church.

I went to President Office at 9 A.M done some Business, to B[isho]p Office and to Temple at 10.40 AM. Met in Our room Presidency & 10 of the apostles were present. Some Matters of Church Business were discussed and a vote taken for Elder B. H. Roberts to report to the Presidents Office to see if He was Willing to take a Mission to the Eastern States &c., at 3 P.M was the Hour set to Meet Apostle Moses Thatcher by His Quorum at the Temple Annex to inquire into His feelings about Church disciplin &c but He was unable to attend and the Meeting adj[ourned] sine die. (1)

-- Thursday, Jun 4, 1896
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

Prest. Woodruff, Geo. Q. Cannon, Jos. F. Smith, Lorenzo Snow, Franklin D. Richards, Brigham Young, F. M. Lyman, John Henry Smith, Geo. Teasdale, Heber J. Grant, John W. Taylor, M. W. Merrill, Abraham H. Cannon & G. F. Gibbs met in Council at the temple. Bro. M. Thatcher was to have been with us but failed on account of sickness. (2)

1 - Journal History
2 - Jean Bickmore White (editor), Church, State, and Politics: The Diaries of John Henry Smith, Signature Books in association with Smith Research Associates, Salt Lake City, 1990, http://bit.ly/johnhenrysmith

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