George Albert Smith, 1919-1921

-- During 1919-1921
[George Albert Smith] He served as the president of the European Missions from 1919-1921 (age 49-51). (1)

-- Apr 7, 1921
First Presidency and Quorum of Twelve decide to return to pre-1912 "old form of ordaining" to office without first conferring priesthood. (2)

-- Apr 28, 1921
European saints discouraged from gathering to U.S.-- On October 20, 1881, President John Taylor had said to the Saints in Malad, Idaho, who had "gathered" from Europe to America: ". . . you could not help it; if you had wanted to help it . . . as men received the Holy Ghost so they received the spirit of gathering, which was conferred by Moses upon Joseph Smith . . . and which created that anxiety you all felt to gather to Zion." (JD 26:107.) ... In the two letters reproduced below, the First Presidency instruct the President of the European Mission, George Albert Smith, and Orson F. Whitney, who succeeded him, that due to widespread unemployment in the United States and especially in Europe, the Saints were not being encouraged to "gather."

April 28th, 1921. President George Albert Smith, Liverpool, England

Dear Brother:

We are constrained to call your attention to the state of unemployment prevailing in America generally, and especially so as it affects the western States, including Utah. This state of things is hard enough on our people here that are out of work, living in rented houses, but it is particularly hard on our European immigrants who have come here during the last two or three months without sufficient means of support and without relatives or friends to render them needed assistance, and unless, therefore, intending emigrants have such means of support or relatives or friends to come to, even if they should be without employment at home, it is better under these circumstances that they remain at home a while longer, than to come and be confronted with the same conditions here and perhaps worse; for it is one thing to break up a home and quite another thing to make a new one, especially when small houses to rent cannot be obtained, which is the case in Salt Lake and other large
cities in Utah.

We suggest, therefore, that you make these things known to all our brethren intending to come here, and especially to those who may persist in coming without ample means of support or relatives or friends to receive and welcome them to their homes, for it is almost impossible to secure employment here at present, and it will readily occur to intending emigrants who are working, that it would be very unwise in them to leave their employment to come here only to join the army of the unemployed.

With kindest regards, HEBER J. GRANT, CHARLES W. PENROSE, ANTHONY W. IVINS, First Presidency.

August 2nd, 1921. President Orson F. Whitney, Liverpool, England Dear Brother:

We send you herewith enclosed copy of a letter dated April 28th, 1921, addressed by the First Presidency to President George Albert Smith, the substance of which letter should have been addressed also to all of the European missions, as brethren have quite recently come to this city from Holland and Scandinavia, leaving good jobs and steady work in their native lands, who are now unable to obtain employment, a thing they would hardly have done had they been advised of prevailing conditions here; and what has added to their trouble is that they are unable to speak the English language. So disappointed are some of our good brethren that we are informed that had they known before leaving their homes what they know now, they would not have emigrated so soon. And we suggest, therefore, that brethren and sisters of all the European missions intending to emigrate to Utah, defer their departure until times improve, affording them opportunity to obtain employment after coming here, a
nd that word to this effect be communicated to them by you. Your Brother, A. W. IVINS, In behalf of the First Presidency. {1921-April 28-Millennial Star 78:600-601, September 28, 1921.} (3)

-- Aug 22, 1921
[President Heber J. Grant Diary] Met with Pres Ivins Geo Albert Smith and Arthus Winter in my office and we framed a circular letter to be sent to the stockholders of Utah Idaho Sugar Co. over the signature of Trustee in Trust explaining why the Church was forced to revdu [sic] aid at this time. (4)

-- September 1921
[George Albert Smith] In September of 1921 he was again called to be the Superintendent of the Church YMMIA organization. (1)

-- Jan 6, 1922
[Apostle George Albert Smith Journal] "...and met with the Presidency & Bro BH Roberts on matters pertaining (over) to the Book of Mormon reconsiling [sic] the fault found in it as a result of so called scientific analysis Etc." (5)

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