George Albert Smith, Nov 9, 1943

-- Nov 9, 1943
[Apostle George Albert Smith Journal] "R R Lyman called to my attention. Shocked." (1)

-- Nov 12, 1943
[Apostle George Albert Smith Journal] "Went to Temple at 2 10 of 12 Present Including R.R.L. Callis & Benson absent. Charges admitted by Richard A sad occasion He made no defense admitted more than known before. I am shocked and grieved. R.R. seemed not to realize his wrong. All brethren in tears. Excommunicated R.R. Decided to publish notice in News." (1)

-- Feb 14, 1944
[Apostle George Albert Smith Journal] "Met with 8 of Twelve on the Case of Anna Jacobson (R.R. Lyman) - admitted guilt." (1)

-- Feb 25, 1944
Annual American Red Cross drive-- Church Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Annually the American Red Cross prepared a statement for publicity on its drive for funds and support. The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints usually responded to their appeal by quoting from the statements of the American Red Cross in an annual letter sent to the Bishops of the Church along with a request that the statement he read in a ward sacrament meeting on a designated Sunday. This became standard Church procedure and continued through the administration of Heber J. Grant as President and extended through the administration of George Albert Smith ... (2)

-- Aug 30, 1944
First Presidency authorizes stake president and bishops to join "AS INDIVIDUALS a civic organizaton whose purpose is to restrict and control negro settlement in his stake" (emphasis in original) (3)

-- May 7, 1945
Germany surrenders. (4)

-- May 14, 1945
Death of Heber J. Grant, who is also last surviving member of the theocratic Council of Fifty. As his funeral procession passes Roman catholic Cathedral of the Madeleine, its bells toll and assembled priests bow in respect. Grant is succeeded by as president by George Albert Smith who is the first LDS president never to have practiced polygamy. (3)

President Heber J. Grant passes away in Salt Lake City, Utah, at age eighty-eight, having served for more than sixty-two years as a General Authority. (5)

-- May 21, 1945
Conference sustains George Albert Smith as church president with J. Reuben Clark and David O. McKay as counselors. He is "set apart" (not ordained) by Apostle George F. Richards, who is also a patriarch. Smith is only unmarried man to become LDS church president an only one who has no marital companion during his entire presidency. He remains unmarried widower last fourteen years of his life. (3)

[President George Albert Smith Journal] sustained by Apostles as President of the Church on May 21, 1945, and set apart, George F. Richards being voice (1)

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LDS History Chronology: George Albert Smith

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