George Albert Smith, Jun 1945

-- Jun 1945
[Utah] Improvement Era states: "When our leaders speak, the thinking has been done." This is the ward teacher's message to all members for the month. To an inquiring Unitarian minister, George Albert Smith writes that "not a few members of the Church have been upset in their feelings, and General Authorities have been embarrassed" by above statement. "Even to imply that members of the Church are not to do their own thinking is grossly to misrepresent the true ideal of the Church," he continues. However, church president's retraction reaches one non-Mormon, while original statement reaches entire LDS population without similar retraction. (1)

-- Jun 16, 1945
George Albert Smith rules against LDS meeting houses being used "for meetings to prevent Negroes from becoming neighbors." (2)

-- June 16, 1945
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "Talked to Pres Clark & Nicholas [G.Smith?] about use of meeting houses for meetings to prevent Negroes from becoming neighbors." (3)

-- June 27, 1945
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "Too weary to accompany Genl Authorities to temple Martyrdom day." (3)

-- Jul 16, 1945
The First Presidency authorized monthly priesthood and auxiliary leadership meetings if they could be held without violating government restrictions concerning use of gas and rubber. (4)

Regional and union meetings of Church resume-- Church Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Liberalization of gasoline rationing regulations now permitted the Church to resume some of its union and regional meetings. "A recent ruling by the Office of Price Administration increasing the amount of gasoline for 'A' coupons seems to point to such a relaxation with regard to the use of gasoline as will permit additional travel." (5)

-- Aug 18, 1945
Special day of fasting and prayer-- All Latter-day Saints urged to make Sunday, August 19, a day of fasting and prayer in accord with a proclamation of Harry S. Truman, President of the United States. The surrender of Japan had come on August 14, 1945. (5)

-- Sep 8, 1945
Dedication of Idaho Falls Temple-- Dedication of Idaho Falls Temple to be held September 23, 24, 25, 1945. Attendance limited to members of stakes in Idaho Falls Temple District. (5)

-- Sept 15, 1945
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "Up at 745 at Office 945 21 letters to open & read Jos Anderson [illegible word] to mean hour from Temples of the Lord Dictated Leaders." (3)
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