George Albert Smith, Jan 26, 1922

-- Jan 26, 1922
B. H. Roberts is allowed extra time to present "Book of Mormon difficulties" to the assembled First Presidency and Apostles. He had presented his researches to the First Presidency and Apostles two weeks previously but was unsatisfied with the response. This extra session was granted by President Heber J. Grant at Roberts's request. Later Roberts discussed these meetings with a friend: "Bro. Roberts presented the matter, told them frankly that he was stumped and ask for their aide in the explanation. In answer, they merely one by one stood up and bore testimony to the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. George Albert Smith in tears testified that his faith in the Book had not been shaken by the question. Pres. Ivins, the man most likely to be able to answer a question on that subject was unable to produce the solution. No answer was available." (1)

-- Feb 2, 1922
[Quorum of Twelve] B. H. Roberts begins the first of three private meetings with Apostles Anthony W. Ivins, James E. Talmage, and John A. Widtsoe to discuss his study of "Book of Mormon difficulties" These meetings with the more scientifically-trained and scholarly of the apostles is in addition to the three day-long meetings that Roberts has held with the entire Twelve the previous month. (1)

-- May 17, 1923
[Quorum of Twelve] May First Presidency and Twelve agree to alter temple undergarment worn outside temple: "buttons instead of strings; no collar; sleeves above the elbow and few inches below the knee and a change in the crotch so as to cover the same." Mormons regard this as a dramatic change from endowment garment introduced by Joseph Smith. Few realize that traditional Utah "garment" is based on "Union suit" of last half of nineteenth century, while earlier garment worn under clothing at Nauvoo was based on legless "shirt" or two-piece undergarment current in America from late-eighteenth century to 1840's. (2)

-- July 27-Aug 31, 1923
[Apostle George Albert Smith Journal] he is in Canadian settlements (3)

-- Dec 17, 1923
[Apostle George Albert Smith Journal] At Independence, Missouri,

"President Frederick M. Smith called with his car and took me to see some manuscripts and letters in the vault of the Reorganized Church. They had the Book of Mormon manuscript formerly possessed by David Whitner (sic), for which they paid his estate $2500.00 Manuscript of Inspired translation of Bible Letter of my Grandfather Geo A Smith of Mch 13. 1849 to Joseph Smith of the Reorganized Church written at Kanesville. A letter from Joseph the Prophet to Emma Smith his wife Date Oct. 13. 1832 written at Pearl St. House New York another to her from Independence Mo dated Nov 4. 1838. One to Emma from Richmond in bondage in chains Nov 12. 1838 One to her June 23. 1844 from "Safety" presumably "Montrose, Iowa." One letter to Emma from Carthage jail written the morning of the martyrdom the exact time of writing was on the letter but I failed to note it. This letter was /p. 109/ said to have been in the handwriting of Willard Richards. The Prophet signed it and wrote
a long postscript. I also saw an oil painting of the Prophet and Emma. The one of him I liked better than any I have seen. I had peculiar feelings while looking at these treasures." (3)

-- During 1923
[George Albert Smith] In 1923 he was elected as Vice-President General of the Sons of the American Revolution. (4)

-- May 30, 1926
[Apostle George Albert Smith Journal] he delivers Baccalateate (sic) Address at BYU (3)

-- Feb 15, 1927
Apostle George F Richards notifies temples that it is decision of First Presidency and Quorum of Twelve to immediately omit from prayer circles "all references to avenging the blood of the Prophets. Omit from the ordinance and lecture all reference to retribution." Letter also instructs to "omit the kissing" at the end of the proxy sealings. (1)

-- During 1928
In 1928 the forerunner of the George Albert Smith Chapter in Provo was organized and sustained for five years. It was called simply "Sons." This chapter helped provide the basis for the later organization of the Sons of Utah Pioneers. (5)

-- Mar 28, 1929
[Quorum of Twelve] First Presidency and Twelve decide to disband private prayer circle organizations which meet weekly or monthly in temples. Until 1978 local stakes continue to have prayer circle meetings in temples or in special rooms of stake meeting houses. (2)

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