George Albert Smith, Dec 22, 1945

-- Dec 22, 1945
Having received permission from U.S. President Harry S. Truman to send aid to the Saints in war-torn Europe, the First Presidency assigns Elder Ezra Taft Benson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles to go immediately to Europe to assess the spiritual and temporal needs of the thirty thousand members of the Church there. (1)

-- Dec 26, 1945
No missionary farewells on Sunday-- Church Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah.

A request that farewells for missionaries not be held on Sunday. When missionaries return from an honorable mission it will be appropriate to ask them to occupy time in a ward sacrament meeting to report their missionary labors. (2)

-- Dec 29, 1945
Warning against delusive spirits, questionable stock ventures, mining schemes, etc.-- The reissuance of this warning sounded by President Joseph F. Smith his counselors August 2, 1913, by President George Albert Smith and his counselors in December, 1945, can perhaps best be placed in its historical setting in 1945 by reading the Conference Report for October, 1945, particularly the address of Elder Mark E. Petersen.

Continued reports reach us of the persistence of long-standing evils against which the members were warned many years ago by the First Presidency of the Church, then composed of President Joseph F. Smith with Anthon H. Lund and Charles W. Penrose as counselors.

In order that there may be no justification for any misunderstanding by the members of the Church regarding these matters nor regarding the attitude of the First Presidency thereon, we deem it wise to reprint, as we do below, the warning issued by these brethren under the date of August 2, 1913.

"A Warning Voice

"To the officers and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

"From the day of Hiram Page (D&C, Sec. 28) at different periods there have been manifestations from delusive spirits to members of the Church. Sometimes these have come to men and women who because of transgression became easy prey to the Arch Deceiver. At other times these people who pride themselves on their strict observance of the rules and ordinances and ceremonies of the Church, are led astray by false spirits who exercise an influence so imitative of that which proceeds from a Divine source that even these persons who think they are 'the very elect' find it difficult to discern the essential difference. Satan himself has transformed himself to be apparently 'an angel of light.'

"When visions, dreams, tongues, prophecy, impressions, or an extraordinary gift of inspiration conveys something out of harmony with the accepted revelations of the Church or contrary to the decisions of its constituted authorities, Latter-day Saints may know that it is not of God, no matter how plausible it may appear. Also, they should understand that directions for the guidance of the Church will come by revelation, through the head.

"All faithful members are entitled to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit for themselves, their families and for those over whom they are appointed and ordained to preside. But, anything at discord with that which comes from God through the head of the Church is not to be received as authoritative or reliable. In secular as well as spiritual affairs, Saints may receive divine guidance and revelation affecting themselves, but this does not convey authority to direct others and is not to be accepted when contrary to Church covenants, doctrine or discipline, or to known facts, demonstrated truths, or good common sense.

"No person has the right to induce his fellow members of the Church to engage in speculations or take stock in ventures of any kind on the specious claim of divine revelation or vision or dream, especially when it is in opposition to the voice of recognized authority, local or general. The Lord's Church is a 'house of order.' It is not governed by individual gifts or manifestations, hut by the order and power of the Holy Priesthood as sustained by the voice and vote of the Church in its appointed conferences.

"The history of the Church records many pretended revelations by imposters or zealots who believed in the manifestations they sought to lead other persons to accept, and in every instance, disappointment, sorrow and disaster have resulted therefrom. Financial loss and sometimes utter ruin have followed.

"We feel it our duty to warn the Latter-day Saints against mining schemes which have no warrant for success beyond the professed spiritual manifestations of their projectors and the influence gained over the excited minds of their victims. We caution the Saints against investing money or property in shares of stock which bring no profit to anyone but those who issue and trade in them.

"Financial schemes to make money for the alleged purpose of 'redeeming Zion' or providing means for the 'salvation of the dead' or other seemingly worthy objects should not deceive anyone acquainted with the order of the Church, and will result only in waste of time and labor, which might be devoted now to doing something tangible and worthy and of record on earth and in heaven.

"Be not led by any spirit or influence that discredits established authority, contradicts true scientific principles and discoveries, or leads away from the direct revelations of God for the government of the Church. The Holy Ghost does not contradict its own revealings. Truth is always harmonious with itself. Piety is often the cloak of error. The counsels of the Lord through the channel he has appointed will be followed with safety, therefore, O! ye Latter-day Saints, profit by these words of warning. "Joseph F. Smith, Anthon H. Lund, Charles W. Penrose, First Presidency."

We commend the foregoing to the careful consideration of all members of the Church at this time, many of whom are the victims of alluring representations regarding mining and other investments. GEO. ALBERT SMITH, J. REUBEN CLARK, JR., DAVID O. MCKAY, First Presidency. {1945-December 29-Deseret News, Church Section, December 29, 1945.} (2)

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