George Albert Smith, Monday, June 12, 1911

-- Monday, June 12, 1911
[Second Counselor John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Whitefield and Vermont

We bid our Kinspeople good bye and went by train to White River Junction. We were met by J. F. Wells, Ben E. Rich and a Mr. Milne and Mayor Boutwell of Montpelier, Vermont who took us in his Auto to the Joseph Smith Monument where Bro. Brown gave lunch. We planted 6 trees. We called at the Barre Marble Quarries. Went through the Capitol.

We met twenty Elders and gave some advice and shook hands with. Said good by to friends at Montpelier and went to St. Albans. (1)

-- Tuesday, June 13, 1911
[Second Counselor John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Winthrop, New York

We went to Winthrop, St. Lawrence Co., N.Y. We visited some of the Decendants of Grand Fathers Jesse and Silas. We made our home at Dr. W. C. Smith, grand son of Grand Father Silas. Bayard Taylor and a son of Dr. Smith took us out to the graves of Great Grand Father Asahel Smith and a number of other relatives. Among Grand Father Jesse Smith. We were much pleased with all of our relatives. (1)

-- Wednesday, June 14, 1911
[Second Counselor John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Winthrop

We stoped over night at Dr. W. C. Smiths. He reached home and we had a short visit with him. He is a Most usefull man in this Community. We called and bid Mrs. Seaver and son good bye.

Mrs. Sawin went with us to Norwood, where we had dinner with The Reeds, who received us very warmly. Mrs. Reed is a Sister of Mrs. Sawin and is a lovely lady and Mr. Reed a pleasing gentleman. We had an elegant dinner. We went on to Potsdam and Visited the old home where my Father was born. It is now delapidated but was an eight roomed house but one story high and was of wood.

We called upon Clarance Smith, R. Emmet and Ernest Perrin. The later are twins. They are great Grand sons of Uncle Jesse Smith. At 6 p.m.

we left for Washington, D. C. I was more than pleased to be here with my son George Albert. (1)

-- Thursday, June 15, 1911
[Second Counselor John Henry Smith [father] Diary] New York City and Washington, D.C.

We reached [New York City] at about 8 a.m. We were Met by Prest. Ben E. Rich in the Great [Grand] Central R. R. Station and taken to the Pennsylvania Station where we took train for Washington.

We were met [by] Nicholas Morgan and taken to Senator Reed Smoots and met him. We went to the Capitol and met some friends.

We met our party and arranged to leave for Indianapolis, Indiana at 6p.m. (1)

-- Friday, June 16, 1911
[Second Counselor John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Indianapolis and Louisville

We reached Indianapolis, Indiana at 1:30 p.m. and Met Gov. Marshall and we were shown through the building and was well pleased [with] it and the City.

I received a Telegram from Reed Smoot. I was not needed at Washington, D.C. We went on to Louisville, Kentucky and put up at the Hotel Sielbach. (1)

-- Saturday, June 17, 1911
[Second Counselor John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Louisville, Kentucky

We went to Frankfort and Visited the Capitol meeting the Lt. Governor and Several other officers. This building cost less than two Million dollars and is very much like the one at Providence R.I. (1)

-- Monday, June 19, 1911
[Second Counselor John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Denver

We reached Denver at 10 a.m. went to a hotel and got Dinner and We spent the afternoon at the Capitol and was shown through it. It [is] a grand structure built of home stone. It aint well lighted. All of our party but George Albert and I left for home this evening. We went to our Mission home and stoped and had a very pleasant evening. Some of the Elders and saints came in and gave us some music. We spoke to them. President John L. Herrick was away [but] his wife treated us Royaly. (1)

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