George Albert Smith, 21 Jan 1933

-- 21 Jan 1933
[Apostle George Albert Smith Journal] <empty entry> (1)

-- 2 Feb 1933
[Apostle George Albert Smith Journal] "Met with Council in temple. Was much distressed at the attitude of President Grant with reference to Vilate Raile and my daughter Emily. I feel that the mistake that has been made should be corrected and the girls vindicated. My nerves are all frayed out with anxiety." (1)

-- Feb 2, 1933
[President Heber J. Grant Diary] Had a talk with David O. McKay and Richard R. Lyman regarding Emily Smith Stewart [daughter] and Vilate Schofield Raille's complaints against Sister May Anderson [primary president]. (2)

-- 3 Feb 1933
[Apostle George Albert Smith Journal] <empty entry> (1)

-- Feb 3, 1933
[President Heber J. Grant Diary] This morning had a chat with David O. McKay and Richard R. Lyman about Emily Smith Stewart [daughter] and Vilate S. Raille's troubles. I feel that Brothers George Albert Smith and Richard R. Lyman are all wrong in their attempt to belittle May Anderson [primary president], that it is a very great mistake. The matter had been decided by Brother McKay and Bihsop (sic) Sylvester Q. Cannon; and if the father and husband and relatives would tell these girls to behave themselves and quit talking it would be a great blessing. I fear serious consequences if they do not do it. (2)

-- 4 Feb 1933
[Apostle George Albert Smith Journal] <empty entry> (1)

-- 13 Feb 1933
[Apostle George Albert Smith Journal] [illegible words] (1)

-- Mar 21, 1933
[President Heber J. Grant Diary] I had a long talk this morning with Nicholas G. Smith regarding the trouble that George Albert's daughter and Sister Vilate Raile are making and he agreed with me that Brother Smith's daughter is not reliable and that George's position in defending her is simply the love of a parent for his child and not very wise. (2)

-- Mar 23, 1933
[President Heber J. Grant Diary] I called Winslow Farr Smith this morning and asked him to be ready to go to my office at eight o'clock and to notify his brother Nicholas G. Smith to be there also. We discussed the troubles we are having over the tendering of resignations to Sister Vilate Raile and daughter, and we are a perfect unit that George was making the mistake of his life in defending his daughter who is not reliable. They both agreed that she is not reliable, and I am sure she is not, from all I have heard and from my own personal investigations. A committee has been appointed to investigate the matter, and up to date George does not seem to be willing to listen to the committee; and they agreed that he was wrong and so did I. We all three love George Albert Smith dearly and we all feel that he is on the wrong path, and that he must repent, and that he must accept the decision of the brethren. I told his brothers that I would talk to brother George F. Richards, who i
s the head of the committee to investigate the matter and that I would let them know later just what action I was going to take. I told them I felt almost as though I didn't want to join in a prayer circle with Brother George Albert while he takes the position that he does. I know how hard it is for parents to judge of their own. (2)

-- Apr 1, 1933
[President Heber J. Grant Diary] I had a long talk this morning with George Albert Smith and his brother Nicholas G. Smith. I explained to George that I was convinced that his defense of his daughter was all wrong and that were was only one thing to do, in my judgment, and that was to stop as far as possible agitation by his daughter and Sister Raille. I hope and pray that George will stop sustaining his daughter. The interview lasted nearly two hours and we went into great detail. I love George Albert Smith and have from the time he was a little boy. I think he is one of the kindest, finest men that ever lived, and his father before him, but he is blind to the faults of his daughter. (2)

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