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-- Jan 22, 1836
[Joseph Smith Diary] 22nd Friday morning the 22nd Attended at the school room at the us[u]al hour. But inste[a]d of persuing our studies we spent the time in rehearsing to each other the glorious scenes that transpired on the preceding evening while attending to the ordinance of [the] holy anointing.
At evening we met at the same place with the Council of the 12 [Apostles] and the Presidency of the 70 who were to receive this ordinance. The High Councils of Kirtland and Zion were present also.
We called [the meeting] to order and organized. The Presidency then proceeded to consecrate the oil. We then laid our hands upon Elder Thomas B. Marsh who is the President of the 12 [Apostles] and ordained him to the authority of anointing his brethren. I then pour[eld the consecrated oil upon his head in the name of Jesus Christ and sealed such blessings upon him as the Lord put into my heart. The rest of the Presidency then laid their hands upon him and blessed him each in their turn beginning at the eldest. He [Elder Marsh] then anointed /and blessed/ his brethren from the oldest to the youngest. I also laid my hands upon them and pronounced many great and glorious [blessings] upon their heads. The heavens were opened and angels ministered unto US.
The 12 [Apostles] then proceeded to anoint and bless the Presidency of the 70 and seal upon their heads power and authority to anoint their brethren. The heavens were opened upon Elder Sylvester Smith and he leaping up exclaimed, "The Horsemen of Israel and the chariots thereof." Br[other] [Don] Carloss Smith was also annointed and blessed to preside over the High Priesthood.
President Rigdon arose to conclude the servises of the evening by invoking the benediction of heaven upon the Lord's anointed /which he did/ in an eloquent manner. The congregation shouted a loud hosannah.
The gift of toungs [tongues] fell upon us in mighty pow[e]r, angels mingled their voices with ours, while their presence was in our midst and unseasing pra[i]ses swelled our bosoms for the space of half an hour.
I then observed to the brethren that it was time to retire. We accordingly /closed/ our interview and returned home at about 2 o'clock in the morning. The spirit and visions of God attended me through the night. (1)

-- Jan 28, 1836
[Joseph Smith Diary] Thursday, /28th/ Attended school at the usual hours. In the evening met the quorems of High Priests in the west room of the upper loft of the Lord's House. In company with my Council of the Presidency concecrated and anointed cou[n]sellors of the President of the High Priesthood. Having instructed them and set the quorem in order I left them to perform the holy anointing and went to the quorem of Elders in the other end of the room. I assisted in anointing the Counsellors of the President of the Elders and gave them the instruction necessary for the occasion. [I] left the President and his council to anoint the Elders while I should go to the adjoining room and attend to organizing and instructing of the quorem of the Seventy.
I found the Twelve Apostles assembled with this quorem. I proceeded with the quorem of the Presidency to instruct them and also the seven presidents of the Seventy Elders to call upon God with uplifted hands to seal the blessings which had been promised to them by the holy anointing.
As I organized this quorem with the Presidency in this room, Pres[ident] Sylvester Smith saw a pillar of fire rest down and abide upon the heads of the quorem as we stood in the midst of the Twelve [Apostles].
When the Twelve [Apostles] and the seven [presidents] were through with their sealing prayers, I called upon Pres[ident] S[idney] Rigdon to seal them with uplifted hands. When he had done this and cried hossannah [so] that all [the] congregation should join him and shout hosannah to God and the Lamb and glory to God in the highest. It was done so and Eld[er] Roger Orton saw a flaming /mighty/ Angel riding upon a horse of fire with a flaming sword in his hand followed by five others encircle the house and protect the Saints, even the Lord's anointed from the power of Satan and a host of evil spirits which were striving to disturb the Saints.
Pres[ident] W[illia]m Smith, one of the Twelve [Apostles], saw the heavens op[e]ned and the Lord's host protecting the Lord's anointed. Pres[ident] Z[ebedee] Coltrin, one of the seven [presidents of the Seventy], saw the Saviour extended before him as upon the cross and [a] little after crowned with a glory upon his head above the brightness of the sun.
After these things were over and a glorious vision which I saw had passed, I instructed the seven presidents to proceed and anoint the Seventy. Returned to the room of the High Priests and Elders and attended to the sealing of what they had done with uplifted hands. The Lord had assisted my bro[ther] [Don] Carloss the Pres[ident] of the High Priests to go forward with the anointing of the High Priests so that he had performed it to the acceptance of the Lord, notwithstanding he was verry young and inexperienced in such duties.
I f[e]lt to praise God with a loud hossannah for His goodness to me and my father's family and to all the children of men. Praise the Lord all ye His Saints, Praise His Holy Name. After these quorems were dismissed I retired to my home filled with the spirit and my soul cried hossannah to God and the Lamb through /the/ silent watches of the night and while my eyes were closed in sleep the visions of the Lord were sweet unto me and his glory was round about me. Praise the Lord. (1)

1 - Faulring, Scott (ed.), An American Prophet's Record: The Diaries and Journals of Joseph Smith: Joseph Smith Diary, 1835-36

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