LDS Tithing History, Friday, Oct 25, 1901

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-- Friday, Oct 25, 1901
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] Address of welcome, Pres. F. Y. Taylor. He said in substance that the presidency of the Granite Stake had contemplated for some time the pleasure and propriety of having the high council of the stake together in a social capacity. And in connection with this idea they had concluded to invite the Presidency of the church and the Twelve and their wives to be present also, that the members of the council might have the privilege of shaking hands with them, and of extending a more intimate acquaintance with the general authorities of the church. He felt that such action would prove to be of great benefit to his brethren of the Granite Stake. He had to report, he said, that the presidency and high council of his stake were in perfect harmony and union, and that they were all observers of the word of wisdom and tithe-payers, and that the members of the council were laboring diligently with the presidency to build up and strengthen the elders' quorums and ot
her organizations of the (1)

-- Thursday, Oct 31, 1901
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] Apostle Clawson then spoke to the question as follows, to wit: said that the Salt Lake Stake was first divided in Jan. 1900; that so far as he knew no argument could be brought and successfully maintained against the wisdom of said division; that in 1899 before the division the Salt Lake Stake paid $208,172.26 in tithing and in 1900 after the division $206,863.53; the Granite Stake paid in 1899 $48,463.92 and in 1900 $54,646.09; the Jordan Stake paid in 1899 $30,297.64 and in 1900 $30,506.63, showing an increase in the two new stakes; that the present population of the Salt Lake Stake is 22,890 with 28 wards, of the Granite Stake, 9515 with 14 wards, and of the Jordan Stake, 6840 with 12 wards; that if the Salt Lake Stake were again divided by Main Street (that being the line suggested), in the east Salt Lake Stake there would be 13 wards with a population of 10,459, and in the west Salt Lake Stake there would be 15 wards with a population of 12,441;
that the Salt Lake Stake as (1)

-- Friday, Nov 1, 1901
[Apostle John Henry Smith] President Joseph F. Smith, John R. Winder and Anthon H. Lund and myself met President Duffin of the Western States Mission and instructed him to have a Ten thousand Edition of the Book of Mormon printed at Kansas City, Mo. for $2,100.00, $1,100.00 to be paid out of the tithings Collected in the mission, $1,000.00 to be furnished by our friends. President Duffin to secure Electrotype plates. (2)

-- Thursday, Nov 7, 1901
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] Apostle Clawson reported his recent visit to the Summit Stake Conference (last Sunday and Monday) and said that he found in that stake a spirit of improvement, growth, and progress. At the priesthood meeting on Saturday, when the brethren who kept the word of wisdom and paid tithing were asked to arise, all presentâ€"about 100â€"arose. He knew of no other stake, he said, that could stand such a test as thisâ€"and yet Summit Stake but recently stood at the foot of the class. Better still, Pres. Moses Taylor reported at that meeting that all the officers of the stakeâ€"about 400 in numberâ€"observed these laws of God. Apostle Clawson further reported that three wards adjacent to Kamas Ward, and belonging to the Wasatch Stake, namely, Woodlandâ€"217 souls, Francisâ€"181, Bench Creekâ€"109, total 507 souls, were attached to the Summit Stake. The particular reason for this change was the fact that quarterly conferences would now alternate between Kamas and
Coalville, thus bringing to these people (1)

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