LDS Dreams History, May 17, 1803

LDS History Chronology: Dreams

-- May 17, 1803
[Lucy Mack Smith] Sophronia Smith is born at Tunbridge, Vermont. Jason Mack, Lucy's oldest brother, visits them between about May 1803 and May 1804. Lucy has a comforting dream that Joseph Sr. will become a believer in due time. (1)

-- During 1810
Levi W Hancock: A vivid dream of Jesus at age seven (1810) (2)

-- During 1811
Lucy Mack Smith says Joseph Smith Sr. has visions in a dream where plates would be found in a box. (3)

-- Between 1811 and 1819
Joseph Smith, Sr., has a series of seven dreams that he interprets as being from God. (4)

-- During March 1816
[Visions] Flower garden and bowing wooden images
3th vision of Joseph Smith Senior ...
[Joseph Sr.] dreamed that he was very sick and so lame he could scarcely walk.
He asks his guide, who tells him to go to a certain garden. So Joseph sets out, then asks the guide how he will recognize the garden.
the guid said walk till you come to a larger gate then open the gate and your eyes shall see behold the most beautiful folowers [sic] you ever Saw

Determined to get to the garden, Joseph Sr. sets off with a staff, limping along until, with great effort, he reaches the garden. It is filled with beautiful flowers and marble pathways. The path from the gate is lined with benches on each side. On each seat is a wooden image [the states that each figure is the size of a very large man]. As he passes by, each image rises and bows to him.
Turning to the left, he sees an image that rises to bow to him, then notices there are twelve images on the right and twelve on the left. Each rises and bows as he passes by.
He asks the guide for the meaning of all this.
he began to explain the vision when I sudenly awoke (5)

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