LDS Tithing History, Wed Feb 3, 1960

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Wed Feb 3, 1960
[David O. McKay] [Part of a memo by Ernest L. Wilkinson concerning a meeting held with McKay on this date]: "I referred to a letter which I had just received from the First Presidency asking me to obtain all tithing information concerning faculty members from the First Presidency. I reminded him that in April of last year he consented that I obtain this information direct from the Presiding Bishopric. I asked if there had been complaints that I had been obtaining the information from local Bishops. He told me that they had received a letter of criticism to the effect that all secretaries in my office and other places knew the amounts paid by faculty members. I assure him there was no truth of any kind to that statement, that no one had the information except me. He said he had himself assumed that fact but that he was glad to have this assurance. He suggested I take this up with the First Presidency when I met with them." (1)

-- During July 1970
[Finances] The church launches a computerized system to catalog the payment of tithing and other donations. (2)

-- Jan 09, 1982
The Church introduces a simplified tithing and donation recording system that utilizes the expanding capabilities of computers. (3)

-- Apr 2, 1982
First Presidency announces two changes to lessen financial burdens on church members. First, church headquarters henceforth pays for all costs of meetinghouse construction. This relieves local members of requirement to finance construction in addition to paying tithing. (4)

-- Sep 5, 1983
PEOPLE magazine story on Howard Hughes widow Terry Moore says that Moore wed Hughes in 1949. "Though the two were never properly divorced," reports PEOPLE, Moore subsequently remarried four times. Once was to L.A. Rams football star, Glenn Davis, "in a quiet Mormon ceremony." The magazine also reports her inheritance (10 to 20 million dollars) will be channeled into charity funds, personal gifts, a new limo, a suburban mansion, and "ten percent will go to the Mormon church to which she tithes." (4)

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