LDS Tithing History, 1907

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- During 1907
[Charles Nibley] Nibley was called to be the Presiding Bishop of the Mormon Church in 1907. He held that position for the next eighteen years. During his time the Mormon Church did away with tithing scrip, and he placed the church on a strict cash payment basis. He also was influential in getting the church to build Hotel Utah. (1)

-- Thursday, Apr 9, 1908
[Apostle John Henry Smith] Myself and Wives went to Spanish Fork to draw our yearly Dividend. It was $298.75. I paid $30.00 Tithing and withdrew $228.75 in goods and left $40.00 standing to our credit. (2)

-- During 1908
Presiding Bishop Charles W. Nibley moved the Church to an all-cash basis and no longer issued tithing scrip. (3)

-- Tuesday, Apr 20, 1909
[Apostle John Henry Smith] I was at the Office of the Presidency with a Committee of Citizens. It was decided to build a Hotel on the Tithing orifice] Corner. The land to [be] Valued at $750.00 dollars a foot 225 feet on South Temple St. (2)

-- Apr 20, 1909
[Thomas A. Clawson] "On Monday I had to refuse to issue a Temple recoment (Sic) to bro. A.J. Gray because of his name being on the non-Tithing payers list also, of his bad habit in smoking. This is my first refusal and I was very sorry to have to do it." (4)

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