LDS Tithing History, 1935

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- During 1935
Lee's self-sufficiency programs were so successful that the Church allowed tithing revenues to remain within Pioneer Stake. His stake programs provided the first step in the creation of a worldwide Church welfare program. (1)

-- Apr 21, 1945
CHURCH NEWS reports that due to ward's lack of deacon-age boys, bishop has called young girls (ages 12 to 14) to do work of deacons such as collecting fast offerings. (2)

-- Sep 21, 1949
First Counselor J. Reuben Clark writes that "the General Authorities of the Church get precious little from the tithing of the Church. They are not paid as much as a first-class, stenographic secretary of some of the men who run industry." (2)

-- Sep 21, 1956
Second counselor J. Reuben Clark reluctantly agrees not to oppose First Preidency's decision to set aside two-thirds of tithing income to invest in government bonds, even though in previous months church had already lost $1 million on its investments in government securities. (2)

-- Thu Apr 16, 1959
[David O. McKay] Met by appointment Dr. Ernest L. Wilkinson, President of the Brigham Young University, who took up the following with me: 1. The question of whether President Wilkinson should have access to the tithing records of the faculty of the Brigham Young University. The faculty itself has already voted that compliance with Church standards is one of the criterions [sic] for promotion. This question was discussed at our meeting of the First Presidency today. (3)

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