LDS Tithing History, Apr 5, 1910

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Apr 5, 1910
Joseph F. Smith instructs bishops and stake presidents that payment of tithing and observance of Word of Wisdom are necessary for Mormons to obtain temple recommends. (1)

-- Wednesday, Mar 22, 1911
[Apostle John Henry Smith] I went to Spanish Fork with both my wives. I bought $268.75 worth of goods and paid thirty dollars tithing. (2)

-- Jun 9, 1911
The Hotel Utah was built as a cooperative effort by the business and ecclesiastical leaders of the Salt Lake community to bring everyone together. It succeeded. Shares in the venture were sold and the hotel's prominent location on the corner of South Temple and Main Street, previously the site of the Bishop's Tithing Office and the Deseret News, was donated by the LDS Church. After two years of construction and a $2 million price tag, the Hotel opened 9 June 1911 "in a blaze of splendor" with a grand party for 500 of Utah's notables. (3)

-- Apr 6, 1915
Church releases its first detailed report to "show how the tithing of the Church for the year 1914 has been disbursed." These annual reports of expenditures continue until last public statement in Apr. 1959. (1)

-- Nov 1, 1918
Joseph F. Smith dictates "thus saith the Lord" revelation concerning disbursement of tithing funds. This revelation is not presented to meeting of First Presidency and Quorum or Twelve until Apr 8, 1943. Text available but never published or canonized. (1)

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