LDS Dreams History, Jul 1, 1837

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-- Jul 1, 1837
Orson Hyde, Willard Richards, Heber C. Kimball and four others leave New York on the ship THE GARRICK bound for Liverpool to open the first mission outside of North America. During the voyage Kimball dreams "that the Prophet Joseph came to me while I was standing upon the forecastle of the ship, and said, 'Brother Heber, here is a rod (putting it into my hands) with which you are to guide the ship; while you hold this rod, you shall prosper and there shall be no obstacles thrown before you, but what you shall have power to over come, and the hand of God shall be with you;' after this I discovered every kind of obstruction would be placed before the trip to stop its progress, but the bow being sharp, the obstacles were compelled to move out one side like a bulrush, and when the she would come to a mountain, it would plow its course right through, as though it was in water. This rod which Joseph gave me was about three and a half feet in length. His appearance was just as natur
al as I ever beheld him in the flesh he blessed me and disappeared." (1)

-- Jul 12, 1837
[Wilford Woodruff] --12.--I preached in a school house in West Avon to an attentive congregation; after meeting I baptized my uncle, Ozem Woodruff, his wife and son, John, in fulfillment of a dream which I had at ten years of age. (2)

-- Sep 26, 1837
[Wilford Woodruff Journal] 26 I attend a marriage at Mr Jonathan Burgess. His daughter Martha Burgess joined in matrimony to Mr Joseph Sylvester. I preached in the School house No. 2. The spirit of God rested upon me. I spent the night at Mr John Smith's & I dreamed of Seeing the great Draggon or beast with all of his heads and horns to the number of six hundred three score and six. He was about 20 rods in length with many riding upon his back without fear or alarm. 9 miles. (3)

-- Nov 10, 1837
[Wilford Woodruff Journal] Nov 10th I took the parting hand with Mrs. Woodruff & other friends. Walked to Br Ames. From thence in company with Valentine Ames to John Kents. We crossed the thoroughfare to the South Island to Mr Isaac Crocketts. I Preached at his house. Mr Crockett in some respects is a wonderful man. <I dreamed a wonderful dream at his house.> In dreams and visions &c. Distance of the day 7 miles. (3)

-- Dec 11, 1837
[Wilford Woodruff Journal] .... The Spirit of God rested upon me.
I spent the night with Mr Corner. I conversed with him & his wife untill 3 oclock in the morning. Mrs. Corner was a wonderful Spiritual dreamer. She rehearsed many interesting dreams to me. 3 miles. (3)

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