LDS Tithing History, Monday, Dec 31, 1906

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Monday, Dec 31, 1906
[Apostle John Henry Smith] I settled the tithing of myself and wives $500.00. I have aid $500.00 to the new meeting house. (1)

-- Jan 10, 1907
President Joseph F. Smith announced that the Church was entirely free of debt, with the payment of the last two $500,000 bond issues sold by President Lorenzo Snow in December 1899 to fund the debt. The first had been paid in 1903. Retiring the debt was largely due to the renewed emphasis in the Church on tithing. (2)

-- Mar 26, 1907
In response to strong anti-LDS publicity, Church publishes ―Open Letter explaining history and major doctrines. It is unanimously sustained in the April general conference and is known as an ―Address to the World. It states the Church‘s standings on the sanctity of marriage, opposition to tyranny, tithe usage, support for the American government, and discontinued practice of plural marriage. (3)

-- Dec 7, 1907
Charles W. Nibley became presiding bishop and began implementing several financial changes, including a shift to an all-cash policy in collecting tithing. (4)

-- Tuesday, Dec 31, 1907
[Apostle John Henry Smith] I settled the tithing of the year to night. (1)

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