LDS Tithing History, Oct 20, 1903

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Oct 20, 1903
Death of Green Flake, African-American slave who drove Brigham Young into the Salt Lake Valley on Jul 24, 1847. Green was owned by Mormon James M. Flake who lent him along with a wagon and two mules to the Church for the 1847 trek west. Upon the death of James M. Flake in 1850 his widow moved to California, a free state, but before leaving gave her "Negro slave Green Flake" to the Church as tithing. Green worked two years for Brigham Young and for Heber C. Kimball, and was then granted his freedom. After his wife's death he moved to Idaho. He returned to Salt Lake in 1897 to attend the 50th anniversary "jubilee" celebration of the arrival of the pioneers, where he received a certificate honoring him as a surviving member of the Brigham Young pioneer company. He is one of three slaves listed on the plaque on the Brigham Young monument in downtown Salt Lake City under the category of "Colored Servants." (1)

-- Sunday, Jan 24, 1904
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] Logan, Utah. Snowing and cold. 2 p.m. Continuation of [Cache Stake] Conference, Pres. [Joseph] Morrell presiding. Pres. .... R. Clawson. Topics treated. Duties of the bishops. A bishop is an executive officer and should see that others do their duty; should foster and cultivate the talent and gifts of the gospel enjoyed by the saints. The liquidation of one half of the Church indebtedness. (2)

-- Thursday, Jan 28, 1904
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] Elder Woodruff attended the Sunday School conference in Salt Lake. Elder Clawson attended the Cache Stake Conference Sunday and Monday. Large meetings. Bishops and auxiliaries reported. Pres. [Joseph] Morrell reported an increase of 11% in tithes for 1903 over 1902 or $6000. Their total tithing being $50,000. Home missionaries had done a good work in the wards. (2)

-- Thursday, 4 February 1904
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] Salt Lake City. Cloudy and cool; thawing. 10 a.m. Meeting in the temple. Present: Presidents Jos. F. Smith, Jno. R. Winder, and Anthon H. Lund, and Elders Francis M. Lyman, Jno. H. Smith, Geo. Teasdale, Matthias F. Cowley, Rudger Clawson, Hyrum M. Smith, Geo. A. Smith, the Patriarch [John Smith], and the clerk.
Elder Clawson submitted his annual report for 1903 of the financial status of the church. The showing made was most excellent and satisfactory. ... Jackson Temple offerings (2)

-- Thursday, Feb 11, 1904
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] Prest. John R. Winder attended temple fast meeting last Sunday at 10 a.m. and fast meeting in Farmers Ward at 2 p.m. Elder Geo. A. Smith reported the attendance of Prest. Lyman, Elder John H. Smith, and himself at the Jordan Stake Conference. Good spirit prevailed. Tithing report of 1903 very favorable. Two high priests were ordained during the conference. ... Elder Cowley attended the Summit Stake Conference, held at Kamas. Good conference. Talked up reservoir question. Some immorality in the stake. Tithing gradually improving. Elder Teasdale had been suffering from a bad cold and hence filled no appointment, but attended fast meeting at Nephi. (2)

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