History of the Word of Wisdom, Feb 17, 1857

-- Feb 17, 1857
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...Again this power was manifest with President Brigham Young on the bank of the Missouri River at winter Quarters when the merchants brought up goods to sell to the brethren who were going to the mountains. Old Major Miller the Indian Agent was surrounded by officers & Miller in order to show his great power He told the merchants that owned some Alcohol not to roll a Barrel off from the boat. That He would knock the head in & spill it upon the ground. Presidet Young steped up & told the man to roll it out & if Miller spilled it that moment I will spill his clarrett. He & all the officers turned pale. The liquor was rolled out & nobody hurt. And other instances might be named whare the power of the priesthood has been manifest but these men have never boasted of it nor never will. I made many other remarks. I was followed by Lorenzo Snow who spoke well. (1)

-- Apr 14, 1857
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 14th I spent the day most of it in grafting my Apple Orchard. I grafted the following kinds intomy Apple orchard:

Sweet Summer Pearmain Wine sap = 20 Ounce

Winter Pearmain Winter Queen Newark King

Yellow Newton Pippin June Eating

Rhode Island Greening Esop Spitzenburgh

Allexander Mother Portor

Virginia Greening Red June

Golden Russett Williams Early red

Fall Beauth Summer Pairmain

Milam Peaks Plesant Red Astrocan

Early June, Early Harvest Golden Sweet

Baldwin, Tolpoy Hockien Rainbo or Seek no further

Fall Pippen

I also put in the following Pears: Bartlet Bergamont Julienne White Doyenne /& Bartlet/. The following Plums: Sweet Damson Smiths Orleans & Co[..] Golden Drop. Cherries: Black Tortonian. 7 Grafts of Quinces from Calafornia.

While going to the office I saw Thomas Williams at the Council House drunk & swareing at an awful rate. Hooper & Egan were trying to still him. I spent the after noon in the office.

I herd to day that my Horses were stolen. I immediately wrote a description of them & sent north & south. My boys got home in the night. (1)

-- Jan 31, 1858
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...At the close of the council I went to the 14 ward in Company with Elder O. Pratt who preached to the people and I followed him. He preached upon faith and the word of wisdom and many other things. We had an interesting meeting. (1)

-- Mar 31, 1858
Lyman Wight Death: 31 Mar. 1858, Mountain Valley, 8 miles from San Antonio, Texas, of complications from alcohol and opium addiction , Estate: No record (2)

Ex-apostle Lyman Wight dies in Texas from alcoholism and opium addiction. (3)

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