History of the Word of Wisdom, Oct 12, 1879

-- Oct 12, 1879
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 12 Sunday I met at 11 oclok. Br Nelson Prayed. WW spoke 30 M Moses Curtis 10 M, Br Bloomfield 17, Lot Smith 10 M. In the Afternoon I attended a Priesthood Meeting. The word of wisdom was spoken upon. Tobaco, liquor, Coffee, tea &c was dwelt upon. (1)

-- Oct 17, 1879
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 17 I received a letter from G. Teasdale. I wrote 4 letters to J Jaques, Phebe, Bulah & John Taylor and Council about selling tithing flour or wheat.

I received a letter from J Jaques [ ] speaking of Selling the Esstate of Presidet Young. Said that Earnist Young the ownly Male heir in the suit against the Esstate was found Drunk on the side walk. Was Carried to his house and died in the morning. He did not live to Enjoy the money paid him in the suit. Br Jaques speaks of the rain and Cold weather. (1)

-- Saturday, Oct 25th 1879
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] After arousing in the morning, the first town of any importance that we passed was Mansfield, which contains a great number of large and beautiful brick buildings. At Alliance I took a cup of coffee and a sandwich for a change from my regular diet.... (2)

-- Sunday, Nov. 9th 1879
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] ...After reaching 49, I was writing in my journal until meeting time, half past two, when I went to meeting, and heard a number of the Saints bear testimony to the truth of this Gospel; After meeting I was introduced to a number of the saints. We then came to 49, had tea, as it is called, and returned to meeting at half past six; Bro. Clayton, President of this district invited me to speak, so I arose and addressed those present for a short time, after which others spoke... (2)

-- Monday, Nov 10th 1879
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] .... About 4 P.M. Bro. Dunbar and myself went out for a walk to make some purchases; I obtained a satchel, umbrella, and a few articles that I was in need of; it then being quite late, we returned to 49, and had tea. The female relief society met here this evening, we and some other brethren being present; the sisters are doing much good, and I spoke a few words of encouragement to them. We administered to a young lady, who has a sore foot. Singing practice followed the meeting, after which Bro. D'- and myself walked part way home with one of the sisters. (2)

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2 - Abraham H. Cannon Mission Journal

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