History of the Word of Wisdom, Jan 30, 1878

-- Jan 30, 1878
DESERET NEWS advertises "WAGNER'S BEER ON DRAUGHT AT 5 CENTS A GLASS" on same page as its directory of "NAMES OF PRESIDENTS AND BISHOPS OF THE ORGANIZED STAKES OF ZION." The "CITY LIQUOR STORE" ad is also immediately above "GENEALOGICAL" advertisement directed to Ladder-days. DESERET NEWS previously ran several alcohol ads in each issue for years, but alcohol ads now appear next to directory of church officers from its first publication on Jan 9, 1878 until Apr 1, 1880. On Jan 2, 1879 chewing tobacco ad appears on page with directory of church officers. On Jan 6, 1880 church directory appears next to ad for "BETTER AND PURER LIQUORS, WINES AND CIGARS Than can be found at any other house in Utah." (1)

-- Apr 5, 1879
[John Nuttle Diary] Young Men using tobacco and wine Bps to release those who would not cease its use from officiating in any of the labors of the Priesthood. (2)

-- Apr 13, 1879
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 13 Sunday I met with the People. J. W. Young spoke on the word of wisdom. I bore Testimony. I met in the Evening read the 118 & 121 Section of the D & C, and spoke upon it 45 Minuts. (3)

-- Aug 3, 1879
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Petone gave three young Mormon Elders the Strongest rebuke I Ever heard from an Indian. The 3 boys were smoking. They asked Petone if He would not smoke with them. He looked them sternly in the face and said No The Great Spirit has told me if I would not smoke nor Drink whiskey I should live a long time but if I did I should live but a short time. I said to the boys you should lay that rebuke to heart & never set such an example again before an Indian. (3)

-- Aug 28, 1879
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Aug 28 A great Day in Islata. The streets were Crouded at an Early hour with Islatas Mexicans and Americans. Our room was in the midst of it. The two Lagoonie Chiefs were with us. The feast or wake Continued through the day Drinking, gambling, feasting &c. The people Began to dispers before Sundown but it was 10 oclok before they broak up. (3)

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