History of the Word of Wisdom, Mar 6, 1870

-- Mar 6, 1870
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 6 Sunday In Company with G. Q. Cannon & George Chrisman to Bishop Brintons ward on Cotton wood. We met Elder John Taylor. We met to hear some Complaints against Bishop Brinton By some Members who drank whiskey & Chewed tobacco. But after setting 4 Hours & hearing all that Could be said against him we found nothing proved against him. We rebuked the accusers took supper returned home.

Visited Bishop Hoagland. Laid Hands upon him. Found him vary low. Went to the 14 ward. Herd a Primitive Minister preach about Christ dying on Calvary. I followed him a few moments & returned home. 20 M. (1)

-- Apr 10, 1870
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 10 Sunday I wrote a letter to Col Joseph Leffet & sent $1 for Muskie clover or Bee feed.

I met with my Quorum in the morning & attended meeting in the Tabernacle. A H Raleigh spok in the forenoon & gave an interesting account of his mission. He said the American Nation had green Backs on the Brain spirited men in the Boots & wine & women from Head to foot.... (1)

-- Jun 18, 1870
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 18 A plesent Morning. We drove to Paris. Stoped with Broth Rich. We met in the school House of the Prophets at Paris. John Taylor Prayed. The Minuts of several Meetings was read. Presidet Young spoke 10 M. Said the world would have to judge the word of wisdom for themselves. Men will have to be Judged Equal according to their Conduct.... (1)

-- Sep 24, 1870
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 24 I received 3 letters from Azmom & Bee Men. I drew 2 loads of Corn in the morning. Commenced ploughing in Spencers lot. Attended the school of the prophets. A lecture on faith was read & short speeches maid from Many. I spoke a short time. While speaking G. A. Smith Came in & followed me & gave an Account of a raid made upon the City of Provo by some 25 Drunken U.S. soldiers. They broke in the doors & windows of several Houses & tried to burn the Meeting House took several Citizens prisioners & mistreated them. Presidet Young & Company returned home to day. (1)

-- Oct 30, 1870
[Sermon] Brigham Young: The Word of Wisdom - Spiritualism, JD 13:274 - 283 (2)

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