History of the Word of Wisdom, Friday, Nov. 21st 1879

-- Friday, Nov. 21st 1879
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] ... We had tea soon after arriving, and during the evening we were amused and interested in hearing Bro. Wilson's two daughters... (1)

-- Saturday, Nov. 22nd 1879
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] .... After having tea and remaining for a while at Bro. Freeston's ... (1)

-- Sunday, Nov. 23d, 1879
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] .... I went to tea at Mr. Williamson's, ... (1)

-- Monday, Nov. 24th 1879
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] .... We went to Bro. Danver's home and had tea, on arriving in Shepshed, ... (1)

-- Tuesday, Nov. 25th 1879
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] .... We went to Sister Thorpe's for tea; and from there to Bro. Allen's home... (1)

1 - Abraham H. Cannon Mission Journal

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