History of the Word of Wisdom, Wednesday, Nov 26, 1879

-- Wednesday, Nov 26, 1879
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] ... on arriving there we went to the house of Bro. Woolley, and took tea. ... (1)

-- Thursday, Nov. 27th 1879
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] ... to the house of Bro. Johnson, where we remained the afternoon and part of the evening, taking tea here; he is a tailor, and lost his wife some time ago. ... (1)

-- Friday, Nov. 28th 1879
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] .... About three o'clock we returned to Bro. Smith's home, and took tea there, and remained until dark talking... (1)

-- Sunday, Nov. 30th 1879
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] .... We went to Mr. Fletcher's home, and had tea, returning to meeting in the evening and myself, Bros. Rampton and Dunbar occupied the time.... (1)

-- Saturday, Dec. 6th 1879
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] Bro. Rampton decided to fast today. .... Took tea at Bro. Scothern's, and after this was talking Gospel to a young lady that was here; also talking to some of the brethren, who came in; took a little walk, returning to Bro. Scothern's and taking supper. (1)

1 - Abraham H. Cannon Mission Journal

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