History of the Word of Wisdom, Tuesday, Nov. 11th 1879

-- Tuesday, Nov. 11th 1879
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] .... On returning we called at Bro. Butts house, remaining there for a few minutes; we got our valises from 49, and walked to Arnold , four miles distant, reaching there about dark; went to the house of Bro. Wright, and met there Bro. Zera Terry, who reached England a week before me; he is young and inexperienced, like myself. After tea we went to meeting, which is held in a garres [sic], and all three of us addressed the Saints; took supper at Bro. Wright's, and slept there, all three in one bed. (1)

-- Wednesday, Nov. 12th 1879
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] .... On arriving in Hucknall we went to Bro. Ed. Burton's house, where we had dinner and tea; during the afternoon I was reading some, and also wrote letters to Uncle Angus and Mother. Went to meeting in the evening, which is held in a small hall, and addressed the people; Bro. Dunbar came in just after the meeting had commenced. We had supper, and slept at Bro. E. Burton's. There are a great many colliery's around here, and they furnish employment for a great number of men; no steady work is afforded by them; the people are very poor. (1)

-- Thursday, Nov. 13th 1879
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] I did not sleep very well; breakfasted at Bro. Burton's the father of Edward, after which I wrote letters to Sarah and Mina; at noon we went to Sister Goddard's, where we had dinner, and remained for some time talking. About four o'clock we took tea at Bro. E. Burton's, and Bro. Dunbar and myself started for New Thorpe , six miles distant, leaving Bro.... (1)

-- Friday, Nov. 14th 1879
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] .... We took tea at Bro. Simons, held meeting in the evening at Bro. Taylor's house, myself, Bro. Dunbar, and Bro. Simms occupying the time. We took supper at Bro. Taylor's, and slept at Bro. Simms. (1)

-- Saturday, Nov. 15th 1879
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] .... Bro. Rampton met us here, he having been appointed to this Conference from the London, and having just arrived; we had dinner and tea together at Bro. Lomax's, and then Bro. Ramplin left for Nottingham as he is to labor in the Mansfield, Hucknall district. Went to the station with him; in the evening wrote to Richard and Mary Ann Lambert, and started to write to John Q. Had some singing in the evening after tea, and then went to the house of Mr. Hunt where we slept; he is not a member of the Church, but is very kind to all the Elders. (1)

1 - Abraham H. Cannon Mission Journal

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