History of the Word of Wisdom, Jul 12, 1859

-- Jul 12, 1859
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 12 President Young Called into C[o...?] Commission [-]. E. T. Benson was present. He has been to provo & held a meeting. Saw Brother Carns & told him that he herd that He was Brain Cracked & low spirited. He said that it was true and any man that Could be shut up in a dirty sell as long as I was with some 25 drunken Irish who were Cursing, swearing, fighting, spewing, & shitting & trampling over me without being Brain Cracked & down spirited then He has a stronger spirit than I have. I vomited many times nearly all there was in me.

H Stout said that Wilson remarked that He expected that Judge Cradlebaugh & Sinclair would Join Issue against Buchannan & Judge Black But whatever they done Stout said they would Be mean themselves.

President Young dreamed a few nights since that He saw those Judges drunk & they behaved as /bad as/ they Could. Evry thing they done was dirty and filthy.

The Probate court has been in session about four weeks and Adjourned to day Senedi. I spent the day in the office. (1)

-- Oct 16, 1859
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 16th Sunday We had a rainy night. I met with my Quorum in the morning but we did not dress or pray. I attended meeting in the morning. G. B. Wallace preached in the morning. I did not attend in the afternoon. Brother Kimball & Wells preached. I attended the meeting at the 14 ward school house.

Went home and had a severe attack of the inflamatory Rheumatism & Cramp in the stomach. I suffered immensly for 3 hours with hot mint tea & hot water. I got relief. We had a vary hard frost last night. (1)

-- Oct 24, 1859
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] He recommended me to send for Dr Sprague to Doctor me. I done so & He came the same night. He doctored me with roots & herbs and Nursed me vary wisely. I took a good deal of the tincture of Lobelia. (1)

-- Nov 3, 1859
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 3, 4, & 5 I Continued to mend slowley. I began to have a little appetite. Nearly all the food I had taken during my sickness was roasted sour Apples and a little bread Coffee. (1)

-- During 1859
(Francis M. Lyman) Lyman was called on a mission to Europe with his apostle father, but the approach of the Utah Expeditionary Force cancelled all missions. The following year, he married Rhoda Taylor.

1859. As a nineteen-year-old husband and father, Lyman decided, "I could no longer be a Latter Day Saint in a manner satisfactory to myself without attending to my family and secret prayers." He learned to pray before his mission, and gave up tobacco at age twenty-five and alcohol at twenty-six. (2)

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