George Albert Smith, 1880s

-- During 1880s
[George Albert Smith] In his teens, he attended the Brigham Young Academy in Provo, Utah. He also attended one year at the University of Utah, and then became employed as a salesman at ZCMI. (1)

-- Saturday, Jan. 1, 1881
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

I spent the day at home. My wife Josephine got dinner for quite a company. We roasted a turkey that Bro. H[iram]. B. Clawson had given me. Beside my wife Sarah and children and Aunt Lucy and my mother, Father Groesbeck and wife and cousin to my wife Squire Bush were with us. We had a good time a very agreable time was had. (2)

-- Monday, Jan 3, 1881
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

This evening my Uncle John Lyman Smith Patriarch gave me, my wife Sarah and our boys George Albert, Don Carlos and Ezra Chase Smith our Patriarchal blessing. (2)

-- Jan 3, 1881
[Patriarchal Blessings] [Patriarchal Blessing of George Albert Smith given by John L. Smith on January 3, 1881]

A blessing by John L. Smith Patriarch, upon he head of George Albert Smith, son of John Henry and Sarah F. Smith, born Salt Lake City and County, Utah, April 4, 1870.

George Albert, in the authority of the Patriarchal priesthood, I place my hands upon thy head and seal upon thee a blessing for and in behalf of thy father. Thou are of Ephraim and entitled to all the blessings promised to his children. Thy guardian angel hath and will watch over thee and whisper to thee the way in which thou shouldest walk in the right enabling thee to shun every trap and snare set for thy feet. The priesthood in fulness shall ere long be sealed upon thee with all the gifts, powers, and blessings pertaining thereto. The Lord hath in store for thee a mighty work to perform for thy kindred and friends. So speedy and important shall be thy mission that thou shalt travel as upon the wings of the wind. No miracle shall be too hard for thee to perform. Thy word shall be as a two-edged sword causing the wicked in Zion to tremble. Wives and children, honorable and mighty, houses and lands in abundance, riches, honor, immortality and eternal lives shall be thine. No
w, my son, listen to the counsels of thy parents and give strict heed to thy father's voice and no work shall be too hard for thee to perform. The winds and the waves shall obey thy voice. The dead shall be raised at thy command if it be necessary for the prosperity of Israel. Treasure up good instructions in thy youth and in the day and hour thou needest them thy tongue shall be loosed and utterance be given thee that shall astound all that hear thee. Pray to thy father in heaven in faith and thy prayers shall be answered. All thy power, gifts and blessings with all thou canst desire or imagine in righteousness I renew and seal upon thee in the name of Jesus thy Redeemer. Amen. (3)

-- January 19, 1881
Brother of George Albert Smith: Winslow Farr born Jan. 19, 1881, married Emily Whitney (4)

-- Monday, Jan 31, 1881
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

Lorin Farr [grandfather of George Albert Smith] blessed our baby and gave him the name of Winslow Farr [namesake of George Albert Smith's great-grandfather]. He is twelve days old. (2)

-- Monday, May 30, 1881
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

Today is celebrated as decoration day. I drove to the grave of my father and my children placed flowers upon it. (2)

-- June 20, 1881
George Albert Smith's half brother: Nicholas G. born June 20, 1881, married Florence Gay (4)

-- 1881 August 1
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father of George Albert Smith]] Elected to territorial legislature. (5)

-- Sunday, Sept. 18, 1881
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

I am thirty-three years old today. My wife Sarah gave me two books, the Life of John Fitch by Thompson Westcott and The Life of George Stevenson by Samuel Smiles. Josephine gave me a nice silk handkerchief. My son George Albert gave me a buggy whip.

Bro. Orson Pratt spoke in the large Tabernacle for the first time in many months and he bore a faithfull testimony to the truth. Bro. G. Q. Cannon also spoke of the tenacity with which the three witnesses of the Book of Mormon had stood by their testimony although they had been cut off from the Church. He told the story of Oliver Cowdery bearing his testimony in a law court when taunted with having been once a Mormon. (2)

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