George Albert Smith, Tuesday, Dec. 14, 1897

-- Tuesday, Dec. 14, 1897
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Salt Lake City

I telegraphed to U.S. Senator Francis E. Warren at Washington, D.C. I told him George A. Smith had been endorsed by Senator Brown and state committee [for postmaster of Salt Lake City]. (1)

-- Wednesday, Dec. 15, 1897
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father] Diary] ... My son Geo. A. Smith received an endorsement from Arthur Brown and the state Committee. I went to Ogden and telegraphed Arthur Brown's endorsement to the Post Master General. I spent the night at Esther Farr's. (1)

-- Saturday, Dec. 25, 1897
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Salt Lake City

I spent the day with my family. I ate dinner at Sarah's. I received the folowing from President Lorenzo Snow.

Dec. 25, 1897

Apostle John Henry Smith

Dear Brother.

Will it be possible for you to meet with myself and others on matters of Importance Sunday noon. At No. 37 Canyon Road. Respectfully.

Lorenzo Snow

I answered I would do so with pleasure.

My son Geo. A. had a nice Christmas tree with Santa Claus who distributed a lot of presents to the children of the neighborhood. (1)

-- January 1898
[George Albert Smith] In January of 1898 he was appointed the Receiver of the Land Office of Utah (age 27). He served in this position for 6 years. (2)

-- January 3, 1898
half sister: Josephine born Jan. 3, 1898 (3)

-- Mar 1, 1898
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] March 1, 1898 This is the Birth Day of myself & wife Emma. I have lived 91 yeres today and My wife Emma 60 Years. ... Phebe Carter Woodruff My first wife bore me Nine Children 4 sons & 5 daughters. 3 sons died in Early Childhood. Wilford [father-in-law to George Albert Smith] is Still living 50 years of Age. Spent one Mission in England of some two years. He is now laboring in Salt Lake Temple. He Came to this valley with his Father and Mother in 1850. Phebe Lost 2 Daughters in Childhood & 3 grew to womanhood & Motherhood. ... (4)

-- Sunday, Aug. 14, 1898
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Salt Lake City

By telegram from John D. Owens sent from Cedar City, Iron Co. to my son George A. He said Winslow F., my son, had met with an accident but not serious and requested someone to meet him at Juab and bring three pillows. Also send a man to take Winslow's place.

Later we got word that Winslow had fallen from a Wind Mill and broken both Wrists. (1)

-- During 1898
(George Albert Smith) An enthusiastic supporter of William McKinley, Smith was appointed receiver in the U.S. Land Office when McKinley was elected president. (5)

-- Monday, Feb. 27, 1899
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Salt Lake City

It stormed today. My son George A. and I talked over his building a house and determined it should be done.

My grandfather John Smith was ordained a high Priest by Sidney Rigdon at Kirtland, Ohio June 6th, 1833 and a Patriarch by the Prophet Joseph Smith at Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Ill. January 10th 1844. (1)

-- Friday, Mar 31, 1899
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Salt Lake City and Ogden

Myself and Wives and Sons, Geo. A., Winslow F. and Nathaniel L. and Lucy, Emily, my son Geo. Wife, and Mary Hansen went to Ogden and had a grand visit with Lorin Farr [grandfather] and about seventy of his children and grand children and a few friends. We had a nice supper. (1)

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