George Albert Smith, 1890 October 1

-- 1890 October 1
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father]] Votes to endorse church president Wilford Woodruffs manifesto banning plural marriages. (1)

-- Friday, Nov. 7, 1890
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Manassa

My daughter received a letter from Aunt Lucy saying my son Don Car]os had typhoid fever. I went to LaJara in the evening. It was very dark and stormy. I telegraphed to my son George: Has Don typhoid, also how is he. Answer immediately. (2)

-- Saturday, Nov. 8, 1890
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Manassa

I received a telegram from George saying "Don has typhoid, doing nicely. Others well." (2)

-- Tuesday, Jan 27, 1891
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Ogden

I returned to Ogden and found my wife, Sarah, and sons Don & George. We spent the day visiting. Mother Farr is 68 years old today. In the evening 40-od[d] persons came in and gave her a surprise. Her children presented her a nice chair. We had a pleasant time. (2)

-- 1891 May 20
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father]] Helps organize the Republican Party of Utah, followed by dubs in other cities. (1)

-- Wednesday, Sept. 2, 1891
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Salt Lake City

A number of young men were set apart for their missions to the Improvement Associations of the Church, my son George among the number.... (2)

-- October 19, 1891
Sister of George Albert Smith: Elsie Louise born Oct. 19, 1891. (3)

-- During 1891
[George Albert Smith] In 1891, he was called by the First Presidency to help organize MIA groups in southern Utah. (4)

-- Tuesday, Jan. 26, 1892
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Salt Lake City

The business interests in this Territory are very much in debt. George and I went to the Republican meeting. (2)

-- Monday, April 4, 1892
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Salt Lake City

[general conference]

My son George Albert is 22 years old today. Fifteen years ago today I married my wife Josephine. By letter from her received today she says she has never regreted the step she then took and neither have I, but still rejoice over it .

10 a.m. Conference.

The Church voted to establish a Church University. (2)

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