George Albert Smith, May 31, 1835

-- May 31, 1835
[Patriarchal Blessings] Patriarchal Blessing of George A. Smith [Grandfather of George Albert Smith] given by John Smith [great-grandfather of George Albert Smith] on May 31, 1835 and approved by Joseph Smith Sr.
A Blessing by John Smith, given Kirtland, Ohio, May 31, 1835; Joseph Smith Sen. Patriarch being mouth [sic]; afterwards written by John Smith and approved by Joseph Smith Sen. Kirtland, Ohio. May 31, 1835
A Blessing by John Smith, upon the head of his son George Albert Smith, born June 26th. 1817, in Potsdam, St. Lawrence co. New York.
George my son I lay my hands upon thy head to confer a Father's blessing upon thee; and I ask my Heavenly Father to [illegible] matter that will be well pleasing in his sight, and I do this in the name of Jesus, being called to administer in that name; the Lord thy God hath looked upon thee even before thou wast born and narrowly watched and preserved thee until the present moment; He has called thee to His holy work, even the work of the ministry in the days of thy youth; thou hast laid down thy life for thy brethren, the Lord hath received thine offerings and thou shalt be blessed, and as thy calling is to go from land to land and from Sea to Sea, and from Island to Island, to preach the unsearchable riches of the Gospel of Christ, to this backslid[d]en generation,
I declare unto you my son inasmuch as you give diligent heed to keeping the commandments of the Lord and live by every word that proceedeth out of his mouth, although thou shalt see much trouble and affliction, thou shalt be delivered from thine enemies and from all thine affliction and thou shalt be a mighty man in the earth, even like unto Alma of old, who by faith caused prison walls to fall to the ground, that they could not hold him, and like Ammon who by the power of his words caused Kings to fall prostrate before him, and even the man who raised his sword to slay him fell dead at his feet; thou shalt preach before the wise and the learned even kings and rulers, many shall bow down before you, and some will even worship you, if you do not tell them better; thou shalt be an instrument in the hands of the Lord, in bringing thousands to the knowledge of the truth and lead them to Zion; you shall do mighty miracles in the name of the Lord, to the astonishment of all who ar
e about you; if you desire it you shall have a posterity in the Earth; thy children shall be mighty and shall remain while the earth shall stand, and shall rise up and call you blessed; the Lord thy God hath given his Angels charge over you to keep you, and Angels shall minister unto you and console you in time of trouble;
you shall have blessing upon blessing, all things are yours, Heaven is yours, Christ with all the riches of eternity are yours; the Earth is the Lord's with the fullness thereof, and He will give you all you desire in righteousness, and you shall be satisfied with all these things; thy name is written in Heaven and sealed by the finger of God never to be blotted out, and you shall have the blessings of the Celestial world; moreover you shall have an inheritance in Zion; and if you desire it, you shall see the winding up scene when the Heavens shall be unveiled, and you shall see the the face of the Lord and fly to meet him in the cloud; and from this hour your mind shall begin to expand and continue so to do, until you shall comprehend all things; you shall also be healed of all thy bodily infirmities, and thou shalt be qualified to magnify thine office with dignity before the Lord; not many days hence thy tongue shall be unloosed, so as to astonish thyself and wisdom shall
direct you at all times; now my son thou art very young, be sober minded, beware of pride and light mindedness, put away light and trifling conversation, and laughter, which are not good, beware of the vanities of youth, for many will seek to lead thee away from the path of righteousness, which will destroy you if you give heed to their flatteries, but inasmuch as you are diligent in keeping the commandments of the Lord, walking in all lowliness before him, and pray without ceasing, all these blessings shall be yours and I seal them upon your head in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Remember the words of an aged Father.
Recorded by Richard Bentley G. S. L. City Feb 15. 1859 [Patriarchal Blessing Book 1:143-144]

-- 1836
[George A. Smith, grandfather of George Albert Smith] Participated in Kirtland Temple dedication 1836. (2)

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