George Albert Smith, Thursday, Apr 10, 1884

-- Thursday, Apr 10, 1884
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Liverpool

The weather is very fine. I wrote a short Editorial for the Star and letters to President John Taylor and my wife Sarah, son George and Aunt Lucy. We held meeting in the evening. No strangers present. (1)

-- Wednesday, Oct. 29, 1884
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Liverpool

Stormy. I bought a bracelet for little Sarah, and some sleeve buttons for George. A coat for Chase, and cap for Nathaniel. (1)

-- 18841217
half brother: Joseph H. born Dec. 17, 1884, married Sarah McKinnon (2)

-- Wednesday, April 1, 1885
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Ogden and Salt Lake City

In the evening my wife Sarah and I went home to the City. We found the children at home, all well and pleased to see me. A number of friends called in to see me.... (1)

-- 1885 April 1
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father]] Returns to Salt Lake City [from European mission]. (3)

-- Wednesday, June 3, 1885
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Salt Lake City

Very hot. .... I got one hundred dollars in cash from J. Jack and 34 dollars from my son George. ... (1)

-- Thursday, July 2, 1885
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Salt Lake City

Very warm. While working in front of my house this morning cleaning out the water ditch Deputy United States Marshall H. F. Collin put me under arrest for Illegal Cohabitation. Deputies H. Miller and Lindsay Sprague joined him. They subpoenaed my son George A., Wife Sarah, Sarah Arnold, Joseph Groesbeck, Millie Morgan, and John A. Groesbeck. Deputy H. Miller took me to the Marshall's office and from thence to Commissioner McKay's office. Attorney Dixon came in and Joseph Groesbeck, George Albert Smith and Sarah Arnold were examined. The Court took a recess until 4 p.m. Hugh Anderson and Sam Merritt, both Non-Mormons became my sureties. 4 p.m. Court met again. John A. Groesbeck was put on the witness stand and Sarah Arnold again. The Commissioner discharged me. Dixon instructed Collins to hold the witnesses for the Grand Jury. He said he had done so. I met with Bro. G. Q. Cannon for a short time in the evening. Judge Harkness was my Attorney.

Friday, July 3 - Salt Lake City

Hot. I did not sleep much last night. Josephine [wife], George, and baby went away in a wagon. (1)

-- 1885 July 2
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father]] Arrested for illegal cohabitation but is discharged. (3)

-- Jul 2, 1885
Apostle John Henry Smith is arrested in front of his house for "Illegal Cohabitation." After a court hearing in which his son George Albert Smith (later Church President) testifies he is discharged and sent home. (4)

-- Friday, Dec. 25, 1885
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father] Diary] Salt Lake City

Warm and Cloudy. My family were all together today except my son George. We had a pleasant time. Two Deputy U.S. Marshalls have been hanging about my house today. My family are all well, thanks to my heavenly father. (1)

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