George Albert Smith, October 28, 1857

-- October 28, 1857
[George A. Smith, grandfather of George Albert Smith] Married 28 Oct 1857 to Susan Elizabeth West (1)

-- 1847
[Great-grandfather of George Albert Smith] John Smith: President of Salt Lake Stake 1847-48. (2)

-- July, 1847
Lorin Farr and Nancy Chase [maternal grandparents of George Albert Smith] pioneers July 1847, Brigham Young company (3)

-- 27 Dec. 1847
[Great-grand father of George Albert Smith] John Smith: Sustained as Patriarch to the Church by First Presidency 6 Dec. and conference 27 Dec. 1847 q(2)

-- Mar 18, 1848
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 18th Wilford Woodruff Jr's birth day [father of George Albert Smith's wife]. He is 8 years old this day. He wishing to be baptized In company with his mother & sisters & Br John Benbow I went to the water & Baptized him. On our return home we confirmed him. Brs Young Smith & others were over to the Log Tabernacle to attend the council there. (5)

-- 1848 September 18
[Apostle John Henry Smith [father of George Albert Smith]] Born at Carbunca (now Council Bluffs), Iowa. (6)

-- Oct. 1848
[Great-grand father of George Albert Smith] John Smith: Sustained as Church Patriarch ahead of Quorum of Twelve Oct. 1848 and thereafter q(2)

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