George Albert Smith, 8 Oct. 1862

-- 8 Oct. 1862
[Grandfather of George Albert Smith] George A Smith: Ordained a local patriarch 8 Oct. 1862 (1)

-- Oct 20, 1866
[Apostle John Henry Smith] Marries Sarah Farr [mother of George Albert Smith], daughter of Lorin Farr, Ogden church and civic leader. (2)

-- August 25, 1867
[Great-grand father of George Albert Smith, Winslow Farr] Settled on Big Cottonwood river 1851. Died Aug. 25, 1867, Big Cottonwood, Utah. (3)

-- Oct 12, 1867
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Oct 12 1867 I was quite unwell this morning with a severe Cold upon my lungs but went to the Historians office & Attended to the 2d Anointing of {Rosetta Benbow}. I then went to the Endowments House. We gave Endowments to 32.

I sealed My Son {Wilford Woodruff jr. & Emily Jane Smith} [parents of George Albert Smith's future wife] in the Bonds of Matrimony over the Altar, according to the order of God. The parents of both parties were present. Emily Jane Smith is the daughter of Elder Elias & Lucy Smith. May the blessings of God attend them in their future life & their Posterity after them.

Brother & Sister Smith dined with us & went home in the Evening. I Called upon the Lord in Earnest Prayer for the Lord to give unto my Son a wife who might be a good Companion & partner to him through the toils & Labors of this life. The Lord heard & answered my Prayers, & has given my Son one of the Lovely Daughters of Zion who is virtuous & good. May God Bless them.

We should never distrust the Lord but always trust in him in every hour of need for he will always protect & Provide for his Saints. (4)

-- Nov 11, 1867
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Nov 11 1867 Wilford & myself went to the field to get his waggon Box & returned to the City. {I Anointed Wilford Woodruff Jr & wife.[parents of George Albert Smith's future wife]} (4)

-- 1868-70
[Grandfather of George Albert Smith] George A Smith: Legislature, State of Deseret's theocratic "ghost government" (1862-70), Deseret's Lt. Governor (1868-70) (1)

-- 1868-74
[Grandfather of George Albert Smith] George A Smith: First counselor of Salt Lake City's School of the Prophets (1868-74) (1)

-- Feb 28, 1868
Brother of George Albert Smith: John Henry born Feb. 28, 1868 (5)

-- October 1868
[George A. Smith, grandfather of George Albert Smith] Appointed First Counselor to Brigham Young October 1868. Recognized as father of southern settlements, chief of which was St. George (named in his honor). (6)

-- 1870. April 4
George Albert Smith was born in Salt Lake City to [Sarah] Farr and John Henry Smith. He was a great- grandnephew of Joseph Smith, Sr., and a grandson of George A. Smith. (7)

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