George Albert Smith, Dec 23, 1905 (Saturday)

-- Dec 23, 1905 (Saturday)
The Joseph Smith Memorial Monument was unveiled at Sharon, Windsor Co., Vermont, and dedicated by President Joseph F. Smith. Following are the names of the visitors from Utah who composed Pres. Smith's party and who were present at the dedication: Joseph F. Smith, Anthon H. Lund, Francis M. Lyman, John Henry Smith, Hyrum M. Smith, George [Albert] Smith, .... (1)

-- Sunday, Dec. 24, 1905
[Diary of John Henry Smith (apostle and father of George Albert Smith)] South Royalton, Vermont, and Boston

At 5 a.m. we left for Boston, Mass., where we arrived at 11 a.m. At 2 p.m. we went to church.

Monday, Dec. 25, 1905Boston

We paid our bill and went by Rail out to the Home of Mr. Frank P. Bennett. We took Autos and went to Topsfield, Essex, Mass. and visited the grave of Robt. and the 1st and second Samuel and the old home of Asael Smith in Topesfield. We then drove to the Home of Robert Smith at Boxford. Our party consisted [of] Joseph F. Smith Sr., Hyrum M. and Joseph F. Smith Jr., Ina, Myself and son George Albert, Elias A., Jesse M. and Edith Smith and Mr. F. P. Bennett & Son. We rode in Autos about 40 miles.

We returned to the home of the Bennetts and had an elegant dinner, after which We returned to Boston, having rode on the cars about 16 miles.

It was a most agreeable day. The day was among the most pleasing in my life.

We left for Palmyra N. York State about 7:30 p.m. (2)

-- Tuesday, Dec. 26, 1905
[Diary of John Henry Smith (apostle and father of George Albert Smith)] Palmyra, New York

We reached here about 9 a.m. and took carriages and drove to the old farm of Joseph Smith Sr., Manchester, now owned by a Mr. Chapman. It is a frame house and with slight additions remains the same. We drank out of the old well.

We visited the grove where it is said Joseph the Prophet saw the Vision of the Father & the Son. A hymn was sung.

We drove to the Hill Cumorah and there President Joseph F. Smith made a magnificent Prayer.

We drove to the cemetery and saw the grave of Mr. I. H. Gilbert who set the type of the First Book of Mormon. We saw one of the early copies and also the press on which the Book of Mormon was printed. We had supper at the Powers Hotel.

We left for Cleveland, Ohio a[t] 8 p.m. (2)

-- Wednesday, Dec. 27, 1905
[Diary of John Henry Smith (apostle and father of George Albert Smith)] Cleveland, Ohio

We reached here at 7 a.m. and breakfasted at the Nickel Plate station. We chartered a car and drove [to] Willoughby, took teams and went to Kirtland, Ohio. Visited the Temple owned by the Reorganized Church. It is three stories high and a Basement. The first and second floor consists of one room each and a Lobby. The Melchizedek and Aaronic stands remain perfect.

The Temple is 59 feet wide, 79 feet long. Their are five rooms in the upper story. The Building is in a good state of preservation. We saw the home of Patriarch Hyrum Smith. On our return to the City of Cleveland we visited the Lake View Cemetery and went into the Garfield monument.

[Spent two days in Chicago, visiting automobile, carriage, and farm machinery plants.] (2)

-- Sunday, Dec. 31, 1905
[Diary of John Henry Smith (apostle and father of George Albert Smith)] on train in Colorado

On train I was attacked by Lumbago very severely here.

The day was spent in reading, singing, and Prayer. Meeting was held.

We have traveled on this trip 5,650 miles and have held 9 meetings. I have traveled during this year 1905, 30,199 miles. (2)

-- Jan 1, 1906
[Apostle George Albert Smith Journal] "Attended an important meeting at the President (Sic) office at 3 P.M. and spent part of the evening at the home of Joseph A West." (3)

-- Monday, Jan. 1, 1906
[Diary of John Henry Smith (apostle and father of George Albert Smith)] Evanston, Wyoming, to Salt Lake City

We reached our homes in Salt Lake City about 12 noon. I am myself so lame with Lumbago I can scarcely walk. Our trip [was] a splendid one and all have returned happy. My family are all well. (2)

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