George Albert Smith, Thursday, Dec 20, 1906

-- Thursday, Dec 20, 1906
[Diary of John Henry Smith (apostle and father of George Albert Smith)] Salt Lake City

I sealed in the Temple today My son Nicholas G. Smith [half brother] born June 20th, 1881, Salt Lake City, Utah and Florence Gay, born Sept. 24th, 1886 at

Ogden, Utah. The Witnesses were Lorin Farr and Winslow Farr Smith. About 50 persons were entertained by my wife Josephine at her

home during the evening. We had a nice lunch. (1)

-- Wednesday, Jan. 16, 1907
[Diary of John Henry Smith (apostle and father of George Albert Smith)] Salt Lake City

I dined at my son George Alberts. His guests were Jacob Riis of Danish birth and who is a lecturer of some standing on slum conditions, Joseph F. Smith, Lorin Farr, Wilford Woodruff and Mrs. Tirzah F. Gay, myself and wife Sarah F. (1)

-- February 28, 1907; Thursday
The regular ten o'clock meeting of the First Presidency and Apostles was held as usual this morning in the Temple.... A letter was read from Brother M[ahonri]. M. Young, dated 23rd inst., stating that according to his calculations it would take him about a year to mould a life size figure of the Prophet Joseph [Smith], and that there would be considerable expense attached to the work, and he thought $150 a month for the twelve months would be a fair wage to pay him; and if it should take more than a year to do the work, it would be at his own expense; and if on completion the figure shall be satisfactory, and is to be cast in bronze, he would be willing to leave the matter of any further compensation to the Presidency.

This not being entirely satisfactory, a committee was appointed consisting of Brothers Clawson and George Albert Smith to wait on Brother Young for the purpose of obtaining from him a definite statement, thereby avoiding any misunderstanding hereafter. ... (2)

-- Wednesday, March 20, 1907
[Diary of John Henry Smith (apostle and father of George Albert Smith)] Salt Lake City

I spent some time at the office. We were reading a document prepared by a committee composed of LeGrand Young, B. H. Roberts, F. S. Richards, R. W. Young, Orson F. Whitney, D. O. McKay and James E. Talmage to be addressed to the People of the United States in defense of our Position. We read and ammended it. My sons George A., Don C., Winslow F., Nicholas G. & Son in law M. A. Pond and their wives and me and my wives [spent] the evening at my son Ezra Chases home. He has been Married ten years today. (1)

-- March 21, 1907; Thursday
The regular meeting of the First Presidency and Twelve Apostles was held at 10 o'clock this morning at the Temple....

Bro[ther]. George Albert Smith reported that Brother Smoot and he went to Rexburg, Fremont [Idaho] Stake, where they met the Stake Presidency and the Bishopric of Marysville, and found that the difficulty existed between the Stake Presidency and Bishopric of Marysville and the people of Vernon Ward. Ashton, he said, is settling very rapidly as a railroad town, and is situated one and a half miles from Vernon, and it seems that the railroad people missed Marysville intentionally, and the people feel very much hurt about it. Evidently the Bishop of Marysville has felt very much exercised over it, and has acted somewhat unwisely in consequence, in having failed to go and see Pres[iden]t. Basset in regard to the matter. Bro[ther]s. Smith and Smoot met with the brethren named and the Bishop of Vernon, and visited Ashton and

Vernon Tuesday. They talked plainly to these brethren on account of their unfounded suspicions in regard to the Stake Presidency, and left them to settle their difficulties. ... (2)

-- March 28, 1907; Thursday
The regular ten o'clock meeting of the First Presidency and Twelve Apostles was held this morning.

Present: Pres[iden]ts. [Joseph F.] Smith, [John R.] Winder and [Anthon H.] Lund, Elders Francis M. Lyman, John Henry Smith, George Teasdale, Heber J. Grant, Rudger Clawson, Reed Smoot, Hyrum M. Smith, George Albert Smith, George F. Richards, Orson F. Whitney, David O. McKay and the Patriarch. ...

The question of accepting the proposition of M[ahonri]. M. Young, partly considered a few weeks ago, was now brought to the attention of the council said proposition in substance as follows. To execute a life size statue of the Prophet Joseph Smith, case in plaster, for the net sum of three thousand dollars, to be paid at the rate of $150. a month for twelve months, at the end of which time, if the work be not completed, he to finish same without further expense to the Church; but on completion, if approved and accepted, he to receive the additional sum of $1,200.00. He also to superintend casting in bronze, and deliver same in place in Salt Lake City, said bronze cast to cost approximately from $1,200 to $1,500; not to exceed $1,500. If plaster model should not be accepted, it is to become the property of the Church with the understanding that it shall not be cast in bronze. If plaster case is completed and submitted in less than twelve months, but not approved, the monthly
payments to cease, and cast to become property of church with the understanding that it will not be bronzed. It is also understood that Brother M[ahonri]. M. Young is to bear his own expenses to the east and return while supervising the casting in bronze and delivering same in place at Salt Lake City, and that he furnish at his own expense the material for the proposed statue.

It was unanimously decided to accept the proposition. ... (2)

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