George Albert Smith, Wednesday, Aug. 1, 1906

-- Wednesday, Aug. 1, 1906
[Diary of John Henry Smith (apostle and father of George Albert Smith)] Salt Lake City

George Albert Smith and I went [to] Provo. We attended the funeral of Byron Cheever, about 7 years old. It was held on the Lawn in front of the house. George Albert Smith and Frank Hinckley were the speakers. (1)

-- Thursday, Aug. 30, 1906
[Diary of John Henry Smith (apostle and father of George Albert Smith)] Salt Lake City

At 10 a.m. Presidents John R. Winder and Anthon H. Lund, Francis M. Lyman, Myself, George Teasdale, Reed Smoot, George Albert Smith, C. W. Penrose, George F. Richards, Orson F. Whitney and David O. McKay of the Twelve, Patriarch John Smith and Secretary Geo. F. Gibbs tact in Council.

Our Regular business was gone through and reports made And Assignments to the various conferences.

Bro. Reed Smoot was all broken up over some of Bro. Roberts talk on Polatics.

[Went to Idaho to Irrigation Conference at Boise.] (1)

-- 1906 September 21
[Diary of John Henry Smith (apostle and father of George Albert Smith)] Hannah Maria Libbey Smith, the "aunt" who reared him, dies in Provo at age seventy-eight. (2)

-- Wednesday, Oct. 10, 1906
[Diary of John Henry Smith (apostle and father of George Albert Smith)] Salt Lake City

I met with the Presidency and some of the Twelve and the Presidency of the San Juan Stake and Bp. L. Redd of Bluff. I[t] was decided to abandon that place.

I had my own children and grand children together also some friends and other relatives, about forty souls in all at aunt Josephines.

I talked to them all at length. We had Cake and Ice Cream. (1)

-- Thursday, Oct. 11, 1906
[Diary of John Henry Smith (apostle and father of George Albert Smith)] Salt Lake City

All of the First Presidency and all of the Twelve but Heber J. Grant Met in the Temple at 10 a.m. Prayer by Prest. Francis M. Lyman. Mouth at the Altar George F. Richards. Business was gotten through with. George Albert Smith and B. H. Roberts are to go to the Eastern and Southern States on a Mission.

My son Nathaniel L. Smith left at 5:55 p.m. for his Mission. I supplied him with $140.00. (1)

-- October 11, 1906; Thursday
The regular 10 o'clock meeting of the First Presidency and Apostles was held this morning at the temple.... Pres[iden]t. Lyman informed the Presidency that the Council of Apostles had taken under consideration the question of some of the Apostles visiting some of the missions in the United States, and they had concluded to advise that Brother Hyrum M. Smith accompanied by Brother Charles H. Hart, visit the Colorado, Central States and Northern States Missions; that Brother George Albert Smith, accompanied by Brother B. H. Roberts, visit the Eastern States and Southern States Missions, and that the Northwestern States and California Missions be visited by Elder George F. Richards.

On motion of Pres[iden]t. Winder, recommendations adopted. ... (3)

-- Saturday, Oct 20, 1906
[Diary of John Henry Smith (apostle and father of George Albert Smith)] Salt Lake City

I was Married Forty years ago Today to Sarah Farr [mother]. Ours has been a most happy life. She has borne Eleven children, Eight sons and three daughters. Three of the sons died in infancy. (1)

-- Dec 15, 1906
Polygamists and monogamists among General Authorities in 1890, 1900 & 1906-- Salt Lake City, Utah, December 15th, 1906. Senator Reed Smoot, Washington, D.C.

Dear Brother:

We proceed to give you herewith the information as to the General Authorities of the Church, asked for in your telegram of yesterday:

Polygamists in 1890. Monogamists in 1890. Wilford Woodruff (P) John Smith (M) George Q. Cannon (P) Anthon H. Lund (M) Lorenzo Snow (P) Henry Herriman (M) Franklin D. Richards (P) Brigham Young (P) Moses Thatcher (P) Francis M. Lyman (P) John Henry Smith (P) George Teasdale (P) Heber J. Grant (P) John W. Taylor (P) Marriner W. Merrill (P) Abraham H. Cannon (P) Jacob Gates (P) Seymour B. Young (P) C. D. Fjeldsted (P) John Morgan (P) George Reynolds (P) B. H. Roberts (P) William B. Preston (P) Robert T. Burton (P) John R. Winder (P)

NOTE: According to Joseph F. Smith's own testimony in the Smoot Hearings he became a polygamist before 1890. Therefore his name must have been inadvertently left off this list of polygamists for 1890. His name it will be noted does not appear in either column.-JRC

Polygamists in 1900. Monogamists in 1900. Lorenzo Snow (P) John Smith (M) George Q. Cannon (P) Anthon H. Lund (M) Joseph F. Smith (P) Abraham O. Woodruff (M) Brigham Young (P) Rudger Clawson (M) Francis M. Lyman (P) Reed Smoot (M) John Henry Smith (P) J. G. Kimball (M) George Teasdale (P) Rulon S. Wells (M) Heber J. Grant (P) Joseph W. McMurrin (M) John W. Taylor (P) William B. Preston (M) Marriner W. Merrill (P) John R. Winder (M) Matthias F. Cowley (P) Seymour B. Young (P) C. D. Fjeldsted (P) B. H. Roberts (P) George Reynolds (P) Robert T. Burton (P)

Polygamists in 1906. Monogamists in 1906. Joseph F. Smith (P) John R. Winder (M) Francis M. Lyman (P) Anthon H. Lund (M) John Henry Smith (P) George Teasdale (M) Heber J. Grant (P) John Smith (M) Charles W. Penrose (P) Rudger Clawson (M) Seymour B. Young (P) Reed Smoot (M) B. H. Roberts (P) Hyrum M. Smith (M) George Reynolds (P) George [Albert] Smith (M) Robert T. Burton (P) George F. Richards (P) Orson F. Whitney (P) David O. McKay (P) J. G. Kimball (P) Rulon S. Wells (P) Joseph W. McMurrin (P) Charles H. Hart (P) William B. Preston (P) Orrin P. Miller (P)

The balance of the information will follow as soon as it can be ascertained, are now working at it. Yours, etc., GEO. F. GIBBS, Secretary. {Office of The First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints} (4)

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