History of the Word of Wisdom, Wednesday, Dec 10th 1879

-- Wednesday, Dec 10th 1879
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] .... Had a good wash all over, and then had tea here, after which I was reading until meeting time, which was held at the conference house; myself and Bro. Rampton spoke.... (1)

-- Jan 4, 1880
Apostle Orson Pratt preaches at Salt Lake Stake conference that "as a general rule it was the children who were attacked by diphtheria, and on investigation it would be found that the parents of such children as had been taken [by death] were neglectful of the word of wisdom or some of the commandments of God." (2)

-- Sunday, Jan. 11th 1880
[Abraham H. Cannon Journal] The sabbath day is not observed here, for worship, generally; as business of all kinds is carried on, and in the evening, crowds of both men and women called in the beer halls, and drink and carouse together. (1)

-- Feb 15, 1880
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Feb 15 1880 Sunday I met the people at Sunset at 10.30. Warren Tenney prayed. W. Woodruff spoke 45 M Bishop Johnson 20. Afternoon. We went to Brigham City. J W. Young spoke 30, Bishop Johnson 28 WW. 20. We held a meeting at Sunset in the Evening. John W Young spoke 61 M on the manner of living, and the word of wisdom WW 20 m. (3)

-- Jul 25, 1880
First Counselor in First Presidency George Q. Cannon preaches: "It [the Word of Wisdom] appeals to our sense of right that a commandment does not, because a commandment comes with strict injunctions which leaves no alternative but to obey; but this is a word of counsel by a kind father. . . ." (4)

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