LDS History, 1983

LDS History Chronology /Timeline

-- 1983
Church Membership at end of year: 5,351,724
New Converts : 189,105
Percent Change from previous year: 3.66% (1)

-- During 1983 to 1986
[African Americans in Utah] Williams was the first African American to serve in the Utah Senate, representing Senate District One from 1983 to 1986. (2)

-- During 1983-1988
[Fundamentalist] J. Marion Hammon, Leader, Centennial Park "Second Ward". Under Leroy Johnson's leadership, Marion Hammon and Alma Timpson were dismissed from the Short Creek community in 1983; they went on to create the "Second Ward" in Centennial Park, Arizona, so named to distinguish it from the FLDS Church, which they call the "First Ward". (3)

-- During 1983
Stake welfare properties placed under general Church control. (4)

Bonneville Telecommunications is formed as a division of Bonneville International. It is later sold to Broadcast International in 1990. As of this date, Bonneville International owns nine radio stations. (5)

Church produced made-for-television movie ―The Last Leaf which airs on network television. (5)

Fiber-optic cable is used for long-distance digital audio transmission, linking New York and Washington, D.C. (5)

Public Affairs Department merges with Church‘s Special Affairs, renamed Public Communications/Special Affairs. (5)

[University of Utah] Enrollment increased from 11,515 in 1960, to 14,364 in 1983, to 23,500 students in 1990. (6)

-- Jan 7, 1984
Premier Zhao Ziyang of the People's Republic of China visited the BYU-Hawaii campus and the adjacent Polynesian Cultural Center during the first visit of a Chinese premier to the United States since the People's Republic of China was formed in 1949. (7)

-- Jan 11, 1984
Elder Mark E. Petersen dies. (8)

[Quorum of the Twelve] Mark E. Petersen dies. (9)

-- Mar 25, 1984
A new program â€" the Four-Phase Genealogical Facilities Program â€" was announced, enabling wards and branches to establish genealogical facilities in their meetinghouses. (7)

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