LDS History, 1989

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-- During 1989
[Labor in Utah] The decline continued, with approximately 8.5 percent of the Utah non-agricultural labor force unionized in 1989. (1)

-- During early 1990s
[Democrats in Utah] Although still in a distinct minority in state offices, and still exhibiting the division between its conservative and liberal wings, by the early 1990s, Utah Democrats seemed stronger and more politically viable than they had for nearly two decades. (2)

-- During January 1990
Family Registry 787 (microfiche) and FamilySearch 788 (CD-ROM) introduced at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. (3)

[U.S. Religious History] In New York, Auxiliary Bishop Austin Vaughn declared that New York Governor Mario Cuomo, a Catholic, was in "serious risk of going to hell" because he believed that abortion was a matter of individual women's conscience. (4)

-- During early 1990s
[Utah Immigration] Everyone who has migrated to Utah from another area is, in a sense, an immigrant. By the early 1990s more than 200,000 individuals had left their native lands with Utah as their destination, and thousands more had moved to Utah after initial settlement elsewhere in the United States or Canada. (5)

-- Feb 25, 1990
The Church was officially recognized in Kenya. (6)

-- Apr 2, 1990
A new Church software package called FamilySearch, designed to simplify the task of family history research, was released by the Church. (6)

FamilySearch(tm) database became available at Family History Centers throughout the Church. (7)

-- May 21, 1990
The U.S. Supreme Court handed down a unanimous decision that money given directly to missionaries was not a deductible donation under federal tax law. The Church encouraged members to follow established procedures of contributing through their wards. (6)

-- During 1990 July
New missions in the Eastern European countries of Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Poland highlighted the record 29 missions created in 1990. (6)

-- Aug 25, 1990
Toronto Ontario Temple; Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada; Announcement: 7 April 1984; Dedication: 25 August 1990 by Gordon B. Hinckley; Style: Modern, single-spire design (8)

-- Sep 13, 1990
Registration of the Leningrad Branch of the Church was approved by the Council on Religious Affairs of the Council of Ministers in the Soviet Union. (6)

-- Nov 9, 1990
Terrance H. Rooney is elected to the British Parliament, becoming the first ever member of the Church elected to that body. (9)

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