LDS History, Mar 1, 1991

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-- Mar 1, 1991
Church forms an Audiovisual Department, consolidating all Church-owned audiovisual facilities and the audiovisual efforts in areas such as missionary work, Church education, and curriculum. (1)

-- Apr 19, 1991
Recognition of the Church in the Ivory Coast, the center of French West Africa, was announced at a special meeting of Church members in Abidjan. (2)

-- Apr 27, 1991
Fifty years after the Church began keeping individual membership records, it completed computerizing membership records worldwide. (2)

-- During April 1991
[Mormon Tabernacle Choir] Richard Elliott was appointed in April 1991 to fill the vacancy created by Cundick's retirement later that year. (3)

-- May 1, 1991
The 500,000th full-time missionary in this dispensation was called. (2)

500,000th missionary called. (4)

,000th full-time missionary in this dispensation called. (1)

The Church Calls the 500000th [Five Hundred Thousandth] Full Time Missionary, in this dispensation. (5)

-- May 26, 1991
The 1,800th stake in the Church, the San Francisco de Macoris Dominican Republic Stake, was created. (2)

-- Jun 8, 1991
The Tabernacle Choir embarked on a 21-day tour of eight European countries, including five countries in which the choir had not performed before: Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and the Soviet Union. (2)

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir begins a 21 day tour of 8 European Countries. (5)

-- Jun 24, 1991
The Russian Republic, the largest in the Soviet Union, granted formal recognition to the Church following the Tabernacle Choir's concert in Moscow's Bolshoi Theater. (2)

Russia granted formal recognition to the Church. (4)

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