LDS History, 1984

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-- During 1984
Whitney Store restored as historic site in Kirtland, Ohio. (1)

As of this date, church materials have been translated into 72 languages. (2)

The Apple Corporation markets the Macintosh computer. (2)

[Journalism in Utah] Utah's Mormon settlers brought with them a tradition of newspaper publishing. The first periodical for church members, the monthly Evening and the Morning Star, appeared in Independence, Missouri, only seventeen months after the official organization of the Mormon Church, and other publications followed wherever members located. Utah was no exception. A 1984 checklist lists more than 900 newspapers published in Utah to that date, ten of them in foreign languages and two in Braille. (3)

[Mormon Tabernacle Choir] The virtually round-the-clock schedule of the choir's current programs resulted in the appointment of two associate organists--Linda Margetts and Bonnie Goodliffe--in 1984. Originally unpaid volunteers, both have since been given part-time salaried positions, placing them on similar footing with the three full-time organists. (4)

-- During 1984-
[Periodicals] Khaawaansidthichon; International Magazines Bangkok, Thailand THAI (Periodical) (5)

-- During 1984-90
Belle Spafford was followed in office by Barbara Smith (1974-84) and Barbara Winder (1984-90). Local Relief Societies gradually were incorporated into general ward administration, and returned then to an original emphasis, the spiritual development of church women. The visiting teaching program and the involvement of the local Relief Society president with the bishop in ward welfare work echoed early and mid-twentieth-century programs. (6)

-- During 1984
[Spencer W. Kimball] Area Presidencies are established. (7)

[Third Parties in Utah] In 1984 the Citizen's party nominated Sonia Johnson, a native of Logan, who gained public attention for her support of the Equal Rights Amendment and her subsequent excommunication from the LDS Church. Two other Utahns, Lawrence Topham and Earl Jeppson, were unsuccessful candidates on separate occasions for the American party nomination. (8)

[Utah] Record snowfall causes spring flooding and State Street becomes a river for weeks while the Great Salt Lake overflows its shores, destroying crops and covering roads and highways. (9)

-- Jan 27, 1985
Latter-day Saints in the United States and Canada participated in a special fast to benefit victims of famine in Africa and other parts of the world. The fast raised more than $6 million. (10)

-- During January 1985
LDS Humanitarian Services program begins. LDS in U.S. participated in special fast to benefit victims of famine in Africa and other parts of the world. Fast raised more than $46 million. This essentially was the beginning of the Humanitarian Services program of the Church,769 whose mission is to ―offer hope and the potential for a life that transcends disease, poverty, and despair. (2)

-- Feb 14, 1985
[U.S. Religious History] In the United States, the Rabbinical Assembly of Conservative Judaism formally announced that they would begin to accept women as rabbis. (11)

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Mormon History Timeline /Chronology