LDS History, Dec 15, 1992

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-- Dec 15, 1992
A gospel literacy effort sponsored by the Relief Society to help increase literacy throughout the Church was announced in a letter from the First Presidency to priesthood and Relief Society leaders. (1)

-- Dec 26, 1992
The Tabernacle Choir left on a tour of the Holy Land. Concerts were later held in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa. (1)

-- Dec 26, 1992-6 January
1993Tabernacle Choir toured the Holy Land. (2)

-- 1992
Church Membership at end of year: 8,404,087
New Converts : 314,239
Percent Change from previous year: 3.88% (3)

-- During December Jan 1992, 1993
[Mormon Tabernacle Choir] The choir tours Israel and performs with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. (4)

-- During 1992
Relief Society sponsored Gospel Literacy program. (2)

[Journalism in Utah] Broadcasting and Cable Market Place for 1992 listed 90 AM and FM radio stations in Utah, including fifteen non-commercial stations affiliated in most cases with school districts. Few stations maintained their own news staffs. (5)

[Journalism in Utah] By 1992 Utah had eleven television stations, three of them educational. Cable systems blanketed the state, and owners of backyard satellite dishes picked up additional channels. KSL, a pioneer in teletext, offered many pages of text each day; it could be received on computers as well as on television sets. (5)

[Media] The Church wins a national Emmy Award for the Homefront, Splash. (6)

The 1992 sesquicentennial celebration of the Relief Society's founding promoted an outward direction of charitable efforts. (7)

[Third Parties in Utah] Cook, who briefly flirted with returning to the Republican ranks, was the Independent party candidate for governor again in 1992, again running unsuccessfully. (8)

[Utah Education] As a consequence of an emphasis on large families, the education system also must bear the burden of having the highest pupil-per-teacher ratio in the nation: in 1992 it was 23.8, as compared with the national average of 15.9. Its teachers rank forty-fourth in the nation in terms of salary levels, but when career ladder awards are included they rank thirty-ninth. (9)

[Utah Education] Public schools in Utah do, present the state with some unique problems because (as of 1992) education consumes a larger proportion (48.4 percent) of tax revenues in Utah than in any other state. This is in large measure due to the Mormon emphasis on large families and a consistently high birthrate. And it also means that Utah has the lowest expenditure per student in the nation ($2,993 compared to the national average of $5,261) but the state also ranks fifth in the percentage of personal income expended for education. As the twentieth century comes to a close the greatest challenge facing Utah is how to balance between the demands of its burgeoning population for quality education and resources available. With one of the most highly consolidated school systems in the nation, Utah actually does more with its resources than many other states. It has the highest proportion of its population in public schools (98.2 percent) than any other state, and leads the na
tion in the percentage of the population over twenty-five years of age with a high school diploma. (9)

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