LDS History, 1987

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-- During 1987
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir receives an Emmy award for Christmas Sampler with Shirley Verrett. (1)

[Histories of Utah] A history of Utah came in connection with the KUED-TV educational television series on Utah history written by and featuring Dean L. May. The series was successful and the text was published as a companion volume under the title, Utah: A People's History (1987). Popular and personal, the work gave due attention to all the people who came to Utah, emphasized the territorial period, and gave brief attention to the twentieth century. (2)

[Leonard J. Arrignton] Arrington served as director of this institute until his retirement in 1987. His book Brigham Young; American Moses won the prestigious Evans biography award. (3)

[Mormon Tabernacle Choir] Over 100 record albums include a National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences "Grammy" award (1959) for Wilhousky's arrangement of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and Grammy nominations in 1967 and 1987. Five "gold" and two "platinum" records have been awarded to the choir. (4)

[Utah Higher Education] The state system has added several schools-namely, a branch of Utah State Agricultural College in Price, now the College of Eastern Utah, and two technical and vocational training facilities that began in the aftermath of World War II and became comprehensive community colleges in 1987. Salt Lake Community College and Utah Valley Community College brought the number of state public institutions of higher education to nine. (5)

-- Jan 01, 1988
[U.S. Religious History] The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) was officially incorporated. (6)

-- Jan 28, 1988
A 13-day standoff in Marion, Utah, between police and a polygamist clan ended in gunfire that killed a state corrections officer and seriously wounded the group's leader, Addam Swapp. (7)

-- Jan 30, 1988-31
Seven stakes were created in one weekend in Lima, Peru, by Elder Charles Didier of the Seventy. (8)

-- During 1988
[U.S. Religious History] Jerry Falwell replaced Jim Bakker on PTL television show. (6)

-- Feb 21, 1988
[U.S. Religious History] During a live TV broadcast, televangelist Jimmy Swaggart admitted that he had visited a prostitute and announced that he would leave his ministry for an unspecified length of time. In April of that same year his Assemblies of God denomination defrocked him and ordered him to stay off television for a year, but he returned much sooner. (6)

-- Feb 24, 1988
[U.S. Religious History] The United States Supreme Court ruled 8-0 that Jerry Falwell could not collect damages for a parody that appeared in the magazine Hustler. (6)

-- Apr 08, 1988
[U.S. Religious History] Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart was defrocked by the Assemblies of God after it was revealed that he was involved with a prostitute. Swaggart was ordered to stay off TV for a year, but returned anyway after just three months. (6)

-- During April 1988
Church President Gordon B. Hinckley receives the NAACP Distinguished Service Award. (1)

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