LDS History, Oct 05, 1989

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-- Oct 05, 1989
[U.S. Religious History] Jim Bakker was convicted of using his television show to defraud his viewers. (1)

-- Oct 17, 1989
The first LDS meetinghouse in the Republic of Hungary, located in the capital city of Budapest, was dedicated by President Thomas S. Monson. (2)

-- Oct 24, 1989
[U.S. Religious History] Jim Bakker was sentenced to 45 years in prison and fined $500,000. Many considered this judgement to be particularly harsh and, 1991, his sentence was reduced to eighteen years and he was released on parole after a total five years in prison. (1)

-- Oct 31, 1989
[U.S. Religious History] Argued: Jimmy Swaggart Ministries v. Board of Equalization of California
Should religious organizations be totally exempt from taxation because the collection of such taxes violates both the Free Exercise and the Establishment Clauses of the First Amendment? (1)

-- Nov 9, 1989
The Berlin Wall came down, paving the way for eventual unification of East and West Germany. (2)

-- Nov 25, 1989
[Financial] The church announces that the expenditures of local units -- wards and stakes -- will now be paid by annual budget allowances from church tithing funds, ending the established practice of having members pay many local costs. (3)

A major change in policy for financing local Church units in the United States and Canada was announced by the First Presidency. Ward members would no longer have stake and ward budget assessments. (2)

Church announced discontinuance of stake and ward budget assessments; budgets to be funded entirely by tithing. (4)

-- Dec 2, 1989
The worldwide Church membership reaches seven million on this day. (5)

-- Dec 16, 1989
Las Vegas Nevada Temple; Location: Sunrise Manor, Nevada, USA; Announcement: 7 April 1984; Dedication: 16 December 1989 by Gordon B. Hinckley; Style: Modern, six-spire design (6)

-- 1989
Church Membership at end of year: 7,308,444
New Converts : 587,234
Percent Change from previous year: 8.74% (7)

El Salvador reached self-sufficiency in local full-time missionaries. Jan. 28 (2)

The Children’s Songbook is published by the Church Music Committee. (8)

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