LDS History, 1991

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-- During 1991
[Third Parties in Utah] In the 1991 municipal elections, Socialist Workers party member Nancy Boyasko ran a strong second in Salt Lake City's fourth council district, receiving over 40 percent of the votes cast. (1)

[Utah Education] In 1991, over 23,715 students graduated from public high school--representing 90.3 percent of the 12th-grade students. (2)

-- Apr 09, 1992
[U.S. Religious History] In the newspaper Catholic New York, Cardinal John O'Connor wrote that: "[I]f the Church's authority is rejected on such a crucial question as human life [in the debate over abortion], ...then questioning of the Trinity becomes child's play, as does the divinity of Christ or any other Church teaching." (3)

-- Aug 15, 1992
Commemorating the "second rescue" of the ill-fated Willie and Martin handcart pioneers, President Hinckley dedicated three monuments in central Wyoming. The Riverton Wyoming Stake researched family histories and performed temple ordinances for those pioneers whose work was not previously done. (4)

-- Aug 30, 1992
The Church's 1,900th stake, the Orlando Florida South Stake, was organized by Elder Neal A. Maxwell of the Quorum of the Twelve. (4)

-- Sep 26, 1992
The First Presidency authorized the use of humanitarian relief funds to be sent to Somalia and other African nations in the grip of the drought of the century. In an initial response, one million pounds of food was shipped. (4)

-- Sep 30, 1992
Hartford Connecticut (Efforts discontinued) Temple; Location: Hartford, Connecticut; Announcement: 30 September 1992; Notes: In 1995 efforts towards construction were abandoned and it was announced that 2 temples would be built instead: the Boston Massachusetts Temple and the White Plains New York Temple (below). (5)

White Plains New York (Efforts suspended) Temple; Location: Harrison, New York; Announcement: 30 September 1995; Notes: Along with the Boston Massachusetts Temple, it was to be built instead of the Hartford Connecticut Temple. Reportedly, efforts were still underway in 2004, though delayed by lawsuits and objections by local officials. However, this temple was removed from the list on the Church's official temple website soon after the dedication of the Manhattan New York Temple. (5)

-- Oct 8, 1992
The Church was legally recognized in Tanzania. (4)

-- Nov 04, 1992
[U.S. Religious History] Argued: Church of the Lukumi Babalu Aye v. City of Hialeah
When this case was decided, the Court unanimously invalidated city ordinances outlawing animal sacrifices. (3)

-- Nov 21, 1992
Young Women from all over the world join in a day of service as part of the "Young Women Worldwide Celebration". It was titled, 'Walk In The Light'. (6)

-- Dec 6, 1992
The Church reached a milestone of 20,000 wards and branches with the creation of the Harvest Park Ward in the Salt Lake Granger South Stake. (4)

The total number of wards and branches worldwide reaches exactly twenty thousand on this day. (6)

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