LDS History, Nov 30, 1990

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-- Nov 30, 1990
The government of Ghana gave permission for the Church to resume activities in that West African country. (1)

-- During 1990 November
The First Presidency announced in November a new policy for United States and Canada, effective Jan. 1, 1991, that would equalize contributions required to maintain a full-time missionary. (1)

Cost for funding missionaries equalized for all fields of labor. (2)

-- 1990
Church Membership at end of year: 7,761,179
New Converts : 452,735
Percent Change from previous year: 6.19% (3)

[Daughters of Utah Pioneers] The DUP is administered by a National Board whose headquarters are located in the Pioneer Memorial Museum located at 300 North Main in Salt Lake City. Beside the National Board the Daughters are further broken down into companies who have a presiding board which oversees the activities of camps (ten members or more) in a geographic area. In 1990 the DUP consisted of 155 companies overseeing the activities of 1,012 camps in 17 states and Canada with a total living membership of 23,000. Totally the organization has had 63,000 members in its ninety-year history. (4)

[Democrats in Utah] In 1990, Utah Democrats re-elected Wayne Owens in the second district, and surprised most local commentators by electing Bill Orton to an open seat in congress from the strongly Republican Third Congressional District, while running a strong race in the First Congressional District. (5)

26, new missionaries sent out. (6)

Bonneville Media Communications changes its name to Bonneville Communications. (6)

By the end of this year, there are 44 operating temples, of which are outside the U.S. . (6)

By this date, there are more than 2, Church satellite dishes in North America alone that receive General Conference. (6)

Church by now organized in 128 nations; 1, stakes (more than ¾ outside of Utah; more than a third of Church members lived in foreign (non- U.S.) countries: 16% in South America; 11% in Mexico and Central America; and 5% in Asia. (6)

Salt Lake City population is about 160,. (6)

Utah population is about 1. million. (6)

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