LDS History, August 1987

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-- During August 1987
For most of twentieth century, the Hotel Utah not only serviced travelers but anchored the community as well. Everything that was anything was held there. However, local interest and convention business was not enough to keep this classy lady in her leading role as Utah's premier hotel. A National Historic Site, the Hotel Utah was closed in August 1987, and its owner, the LDS Church, announced plans to convert the facility to offices and community meeting halls. (1)

[U.S. Religious History] In New Hampshire, a United Methodist Church court suspended Rose Mary Denman, a lesbian minister, because she violated a church rule which prohibited practicing homosexuals from being in the clergy. (2)

-- Sep 4, 1987
A letter from the First Presidency announced the discontinuance of the International Mission. Responsibility for its areas reverted to the respective area presidencies of the Church. (3)

-- Oct 01, 1987
[U.S. Religious History] Pat Robertson announced that he would seek the Republican nomination for president. (2)

-- During October 1987
[U.S. Religious History] The Federal Election Commission imposed a $6,000 fine on Jerry Falwell because he illegally transferred $6.7 million in funds intended for his religious ministry to his various political efforts. (2)

-- Nov 30, 1987
[U.S. Religious History] Argued: Lyng v. Northwest Indian CPA
By a 5-3 vote the Supreme Court would allow a road to be built through sacred Indian lands. The Court did acknowledge that the road would in fact be devastating to their religious practice, but simply found this to be regrettable. (2)

-- During November 1987
[U.S. Religious History] Jerry Falwell announced that he was resigning as head of the Moral Majority, retiring from politics completely, because he wanted to spend more time with his Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia, and his television ministry. (2)

-- 1987
Church Membership at end of year: 6,394,314
New Converts : 227,340
Percent Change from previous year: 3.69% (4)

[Copper Mining] The copper industry suffered into the 1970s; in 1987 the company was sold to BP Minerals America, a British-owned affiliate of the Standard Oil Company of Ohio. (5)

-- Between 1987 and 1988
[Copper Mining] Between 1987 and 1988 Kennecott invested $400 million to modernize facilities at the Utah Copper Division, making them highly efficient. (5)

-- During 1987-1992
[Editor of Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought] F. Ross Peterson and Mary Kay Peterson (6)

-- During 1987-
Paul Elden Kingston, Leader, Kingston Fundamentalist Group (7)

-- During 1987
Genealogy Program renamed Family History. (8)

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