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-- During 1990
s Church retains the services of Edelman Agency, a world wide public relations firm, ―to takes its message to broader audiences and, in the words of its head, Dan Edelman, ‗to correct the myths and falsehoods about the Church.‘ (1)

-- During 1990s
[General Religious History] European pagan reconstructive movements (Celtic, Hellenic, Roman, Slavic, Baltic, Finnish, etc) organize. (2)

[Journalism in Utah] However, news staffs that had grown at Salt Lake's major stations during the 1970s were cut back as the 1990s approached, and local documentary and magazine-type programming faced an uncertain future. Broadcast journalism should continue, but perhaps in a more limited form. (3)

-- During 1990
[Lucy Mack Smith] The RLDS church reissues its 1912/1969 edition of Biographical Sketches. (4)

[Mormon Tabernacle Choir] Such added responsibilities led in 1990 to the appointment of Donald Ripplinger as the first full-time associate conductor. (5)

Directives from the central administrators, headed by Elaine L. Jack (1990-present), require each local group independently to undertake an ongoing program of community service. This move acknowledges a diversification of Relief Society efforts, enabling local units to address local problems. (6)

[Salt Lake] The city's population in 1990 was 159,936. (7)

[Sugar Industry] In 1990, Amalgamated Sugar was the second largest producer of beet sugar in the United States, with sales grossing $400 million per year. (8)

The University of Utah's regular and auxiliary faculty are among the nation's most prolific researchers. The University has research connections worldwide and ranks among the top twenty-five American colleges and universities in funded research. In 1970 the University acquired land immediately adjacent to the campus and developed a research park, which in 1990 houses fifty-seven companies many of which grew out of faculty research. (9)

-- During 1990s
[Utah Coal Mining] The recession of the 1990s, exacerbated by environmental concerns and growing mechanization, has increased local unemployment despite fairly steady production levels. The last coal company, Hiawatha, is falling to bulldozers. (10)

-- During 1990
[Utah Immigration] Immigrants and their children maintained the language and cultural heritage of their native lands to a limited degree, while most became an integral part of the larger society and acquired fluency in English. The 1990 federal census indicated that approximately 120,400 Utah residents over the age of five spoke a language other than English in the home. Of these, 87 percent also spoke English "well" or "very well." Most of those maintaining the use of the mother tongue were immigrants and their children, although some were Native Americans and Hispanic families with deep roots in the American Southwest. Spanish was spoken at home by nearly 52,000 persons, and German by more than 11,000. (11)

[Utah Republican Party] Despite the reelection of Wayne Owens to Congress in 1990, and the upset election of Bill Orton in Utah's Third Congressional District, Republicans were still the dominant party in the state's politics entering into the last decade of the twentieth century. (12)

-- During 1990s
[Ute Indians] In the 1990s, the Northern Ute Tribe boasts nearly 3,000 members and is an increasingly powerful force in local and state politics. They are active in maintaining their language and cultural traditions while improving the economic situation of tribal members through education, tribal enterprises, and planned development. (13)

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