LDS History, Apr 1, 1989

LDS History Chronology /Timeline

-- Apr 1, 1989
Second Quorum of the Seventy reorganized. (1)

The creation of the Second Quorum of the Seventy is announced at April General Conference. (2)

-- May 16, 1989
The BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies was dedicated by President Howard W. Hunter of the Quorum of the Twelve. (3)

-- Jun 14, 1989
LDS missionaries and those of the Jehovah's Witnesses were expelled from Ghana, a western Africa nation where 6,000 Church members live. The Church had no advance notice of the ban. The LDS missionaries were able to return to Ghana in 1990. (3)

-- Jun 15, 1989
Ground was broken for the first LDS meetinghouse in Poland. (3)

-- Jun 25, 1989
The 100th stake in Mexico was created in Tecalco. Mexico became the first country outside the United States with 100 or more stakes. (3)

-- Jun 27, 1989
The renovated Carthage Jail complex in Illinois, where the Prophet Joseph Smith was martyred, was dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley, highlighting activities commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Mormon settlement of Nauvoo, Ill. (3)

-- During June 1989
[U.S. Religious History] Jerry Falwell announced that the Moral Majority would disband and shut down its offices. (4)

-- Jul 02, 1989
[U.S. Religious History] Reverend George A. Stallings, Jr., a black Roman Catholic priest, defied the orders of his archbishop and established an independent African-American Catholic congregation in Washington, D.C. Stallings argued that he wasn't setting up a schismatic church and instead was simply trying to create a mode of worship that was sensitive to the needs of black Catholics. Despite this, he would later declare that his Imani Temple was "no longer under Rome" and would permit things like abortion, divorce, and the ordination of women. This, according to the Vatican, automatically excommunicated Stallings. (4)

-- During July 1989
[Copper Mining] In July 1989, RTZ Corporation, also British owned, acquired BP Minerals Americas interests, renaming the company Kennecott Corporation. The company continues to be a major force and factor in Utah's economy. (5)

-- Aug 19, 1989
Portland Oregon Temple; Location: Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA; Announcement: 7 April 1984; Dedication: 19 August 1989 by Gordon B. Hinckley; Style: Modern, six-spire design (6)

-- Aug 28, 1989
[U.S. Religious History] Jim Bakker's fraud and conspiracy trial began. (4)

-- Aug 31, 1989
[U.S. Religious History] During his trial for fraud and conspiracy, Jim Bakker suffered a breakdown in his attorney's office. (4)

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