Dreams in LDS History, Apr 6, 1847

LDS History Chronology: Dreams
-- Apr 6, 1847
[George Laub Diary] Conference April 6, 1847, at Winter Quarters. B. Young was teaching the people to get the spirit of the Lord and to keep the spirit of the Lord for he seen Joseph in a dream and he told him to tell this people to get the spirit and to keep it and that he told him again and again and to try all spirits that they may know good spirit from evil ones and not to bar their hearts against any but cleave to the good for this is the way to try the different spirits. (1)

-- May 10, 1847. Monday.
[William Clayton Journal] The morning fine but cool. The wind nearly ceased. Last night I dreamed that I was in company with the camp which was stopping beside a considerable river of deep water. Our horses and cattle were tied to stakes all around the camp to the distance of a quarter of a mile, some good timber thinly scattered around. I thought President Young, Kimball and several others started up the river in a flat boat without stating their object, leaving the brethren to guard the camp, cattle &c. in their absence. When they had been gone sometime I thought a large herd of buffalo came on full gallop right amongst our horses and cattle, causing them to break their ropes and fly in every direction. The brethren seemed thunderstruck and did not know what to do. Seeing a small skiff in the river I sprang into it and a paddle lying in it I commenced rowing in pursuit of the President. It seemed as though I literally flew through the water passing everything on the way like a railway carriage. In a few minutes I overtook the brethren in the flat boat, took the skiff and threw it on shore and to my astonishment I saw that the skiff was made only of barks and cracked all over and it seemed impossible to put it in the water without sinking it. The paddle with which I had rowed proved to be a very large feather and I had another feather in my left hand with which I steered the skiff. When I got into the flat boat I made known what had passed in the camp but the brethren seemed in no ways alarmed. I awoke and behold it was all a dream. Dr. Richards is going to deposit a letter in a stick of wood prepared for the purpose near this place in such a manner that the next company will discover it. He fixed it on a long pole and being assisted by President Young and others raised it and fixed it firm in the ground . . . (2)

-- May 13, 1847
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 13 Many of the Brethren went out to visit the Indian encampment & brought in mogasens, parts of robes leather &c. We have A strong Cold north wind to day. We travled to day 11 miles & Camped on the west Bank of A stream about 18 rods wide with good ford that empties into the Platt.
This is nearly opposite the first Bluff that is formed between the two forks of the Platt. The grass was better than it had been. The Bluff here for the first time on the north fork comes bold to the river so that we have to go over the Bluffs with our waggons.
There is one thing concerning the Platt river which is worthy of note, which is not characteristic [of] any other river that I have any knowledge of in the world. It is much of the way A mile in wedth & generally coverd with water but vary shallow. When A South wind blows hard the water all rushes to the north shore untill one would suppose there was a great rise in the water. Let the wind shift & blow hard from the North & the water immediately leaves the north shore untill one Can walk across two thirds of the river on bare ground & the river constantly ebs & flows like the tide just according as the wind blows.
I went onto the bluffs Hunting Buffalo in the evening. Saw several small Herds.
President Young gave the stream we camped on the name of the Bluff fork.
I dreamed last night we had arived at our Journeys end whare we were to build up a stake of Zion. As we came onto the place there was An open vision of A temple presented before me. I asked some brethren that stood by me If they saw it. They said they did not. I gazed upon it & it was glorious. It appeared as though it was built of white & blue stone. The sight of it filled me with Joy and I awoke & behold it was a dream. 11 m. (3)

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